pasca phd

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After phd most people got to do tis.  Berikut adalah aktiviti yg dibuat

1.  Kursus penulisan buku karya asli

2.  Kursus supervisor industri phd
3. Get a research grant . Frgs

4.   Write papers.
5. Write books.  Now I am engage in trying to publish 2nd n 3rd book (insyallah)

6.  Lecture masters rail engineering (statistics)
7..give keynote speech international conference jogjakarta, indonesiarrf
8. Promoter program phd masters in qatar and mid valley, kumpur
9.  Give talks on maths spm . English college, johor bharu
10.  Give tazkirah fakulti sains komputer
11.  External examiner maths educ
12.  Present papers in acheh, indonesia
13. Many more.

In conclusion, after phd .. more work but more fun and walk a bit better now. (He he)

You too can.  Sure you can.  Try please.

thats it.

the world opens up for you my friend.
God knows best.


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