Thesis 3

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When writing a thesis, try not to be too bragging with the words

1)  this project produces the best method

2)  the result reveals .. the best percentage of improvement for X, Y and Z activities.

I think it was wise to use the advice of my SV Dr Hewitt in Birmingham, England to write your result in a humble tone so that at the viva stage .. you get a humble question(s) from the examiners.

if you claim that your experiment had produced the best result , then the examiner will ask you to prove your statement please.

Your proofs must go beyond your writings in the thesis alone ..
it must have been presented in at least one international conference , ISI index, and Springer.

When we touch ISI index and Springer, you have published a journal paper at least with an impact factor.

that is quite tough because ...of few important reasons like .. number of citations etc etc of your work so far.


It is better to learn to write a thesis using ...some words like

(i)  this study have produced a result of (something) which is equivalent to Green (1982).  The result is much better than Yellow (1999) from the points of ...(something).
(ii)  there are some weaknesses like ..  (something) ... in this experiment we assume 4 things firstly, secondly, thirdly and finally ...

I would recommend the followings :



it is not wise to recommend 10 things when your result showed 2 things only.  this proved that your work is a bit inferior to the others.

Stick to 2 - 3 recommendations only.


In the process of writing the final chapter, try and learn to write positively ..and never ..  write from the point of something has gone wrong somewhere , some how.

the examiners are experienced people .. they can detect that feeling any time ..and you are asking for unnecessary problem in your viva.

To end, learn to write something positive, ok?
to do that , you have to practice a lot in writing  and please let your main SV read your work.


Few of my friends wrote from Malaysia and they sent the report to the SV in UK, USA etc etc.
Since there is a big distance between this place and UK, you failed to see the body language of your SV.  As a point of wisdom, it is good to submit 80% of your thesis to your SVs .. before you fly home to Kelantan and many more ...  he..he..

In Malaysia, we believe to behave nicely to many people.  As a result, we lost the focus and of course the momentum in writing up something scholarly as expected from you doing Ph.D abroad.

Please think about that ..
With that , good bye.

Wallahu aklam bis sawabbb.



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