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 In the RESULT Chapter of a thesis
many students wrote about their project's achievement.

There are many sentences such as :

(i)  There is an increase of production by using XYZ Robin.
(ii)  There is no increase in production by using XYZ Robin.
(iii)  There is basically no improvement between Green (1980) and XYZ Robin.

It is good to have some vocabulary .. like increase/ decrease/ no improvement
when writing this section.


When talking/ describing  about a graph, we can use:

(i)  From Figure 1, in 1980 , most students score Grade A in mathematics but in 2011 only 50% of the students got the same grade.

(ii)  From Figure 2, in 1980 most girls scored Grade A in English Literature while in 2011 most girls did not / failed to reach/ achieve  that  level again.  There may be few reasons to this trend.  First ,   xxxx  ; second, yyyyyy
and third, zzzzzz.

(iii)  From Figure 3, the  graph is flat.  There is no improvement at all.  May be because , firstly, bbbb; secondly, ffffff and finally yyyyy.

What I am trying to say is that .. you must practice to say the patterns of the graph i.e,  flat graph, 45 degree graph and 'descending type ' of graph.

Making comparison.

many students like to compare their work with others in this academic exercise.

If you are comparing between 2 things. Use bigger, smaller, shorter, better, faster.  (comparative) Wren and Martin 1986, pg 167.

(i) The simulation produced a better result than what Green (1980) did.
(ii) This project tries to explain why the simulated results is much better than Green (1980).

If you are comparing more than 2 things then you can use the superlative (Wren and Martin, 1986) pg 167.

Those words are the best, the largest, the biggest etc etc.

(iii)  That team is the best in EPL 2009 because it obtained the highest points.
(iv)  This project proved in producing the fastest time in simulating the aircraft using XYZ Robin.

I think that is all for now.
Hope you can study the sentences and improve your reportings in the Result Section of your thesis.
Good Luck.

Wren, P.C. and Martin, H. (1986). High School English Grammar and Composition.  New Delhi:  Chand & Company

Khalid, M.S. (1995). A study into the use of spreadsheets to teach early probability.  Unpublished M.Ed thesis.  Edgbaston:  Univ Of Birmingham


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