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Bismillah ..

Today I am going through with LINKING WORDS.

If you have 2 paragraphs , there must be a linking word between those 2 paragraphs.

Example 1:

Paragraph 1.

Malaysian schools are very fortunate to have many modern tools like computers and internet.  Many forms of assessment and evaluation can be done from the computer room in the schools.  This is done effectively with the appointment of the correct IT personnel that could come from the teaching staff itself.  However, care must be taken so that there is a proper division between teaching and IT tasks respectively else some students will be deprived of proper coaching by the teacher especially at this time when SPM/ GCSE "O" Levels is just around the corner.

Besides the above problem, some teachers are sent to attend seminars in Kuala Lumpur.  These seminars are supposed to run in the beginning of the year but from some management constraints, those teachers   have to attend during the week-ends.


Question:  Where is the linking word?  Answer BESIDES the 2nd paragraph.

There are many more linking words.  Examples  as a result to, as a consequent to,  Fortunately, By the way, in spite of , in contrast to , in comparison to and many more.

These words are used to bridge between the ideas from the first to the second paragraphs.  The first paragraph is talking about facilities and appointments of teachers as IT personnel  and in the second paragraph about the contraint at school .

The paragraphs should be well constructed and should be related to one another according to the direction of your outline; and as far as possible, the connection between one idea to another idea should be clearly shown.  Avoid 'padding' and keep to the strictest point.  Frame your sentences so that they are quite clear and forceful.  (Wren and Martin, 1986, pg 630).


If we did not use the linking word, then those 2 paragraphs will look like 2 isolated islands and .. it seems there is no continuity to your ideas.

the secret of clear writing is clear thinking.  so , be perfectly clear about what you want to say., and then say it correctly.  Imagine you want the attention of a Hong Kong girl.  How to express that thing in your small heart?  He..he..  say it correctly and make sure it works to your advantage.   He..he..

Please try and learn some linking words.  It helps to make your ideas properly put and .. it sounds so professional indeed.

That is one URL  for the linking words.  Help yourself please.

With that TQ every body.

Wallahu aklamm.


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