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yesterday i was appointed as an external examiner for a post graduate student in a university north of fhe peninsular.

it went for mors than two hours.

some tips fkr the readers regarding vi va presentation.

first dont put so many slides using power  piint.  Since public presentasion is about 20 to 30 minutes , the most we want to see is 20 slides.

make few slides generally.
only objective, problem statent, method and results be more specific.

second, dont read the slides. I think i know how to read.  Look at the eyes of the audience.

it shows your degree of confidence.

third..internal examination voce.

try to relax.  As we went through all the pages , we opt to ask you some jargons as used in your thesis.

make sure you know the meanings else it did not put you good in my eyes as an examiner.

next point is ..your findings must tally with your research questions.

If the findings are universally true, write in a present tense. Example..most student come to school to learn from their teachers.

i think that is true in malaysia, brunei or germany.  Put it in the present tense.

your findings can be in the past tense.  Example

from this research a teacher with little experience could not give a high impact in diagnosing common error in additional mathematics.

we found that certain type of questioning produced higher thinking from the selected subjects.

Thats it for now. I shall write more later.

till then, good bye.
For my indian students, i would like to wi0sh 'happy deepavali'.


Associate Professor Dr Sazali Khalid

oct 31st 2013


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