secret long life of an imam

Posted by sazali


An imam in Johor has an interesting secret as a long life strategy in this modern living.

First  as an imam , he leads the  daily prayers in the mosque (masjid).

Second he reads Al Quraan daily. He finishes the recitation of the whole Holy Quraan within 1 month. And after he reaches the end, he continues again from the first page.

Third, he visits his wife's graveyard daily after evening (asar) prayer.

Forthly, he prays optionally in ramadhan called terawih for 20 rakaat and 3 witir without any complain.

Fifth, most importantly , he does not complain much. Moreover, who is he to complain since his beloved wife has left him for good 10 years ago.

so far 7 assistant imams have passed away.

Alhamdulilah.  Now he is 87 and JAJ (Jabatan Agama Johor, Malaysia) is happy with him.

As readers, we should try to follow this good amal. If not all, at least half of his.

I am doing it now, how about you my respected readers?



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