Thesis 10

Posted by sazali

Salam everyone.

Today I would like to write two things.

First when you feel so down in research (Ph.D)
What you should gonna do and

Second when your data is insufficient for analysis?

Jom let us get cracking . I meant we crack our brains , the hardest that we can.  HE ...HE  (highly experienced)

When you feel no mood

1.  Think? Ask yourself 10 times ..who ask you to come to england in the first place? Was it your dad or your spm holder spouse?

please answer that simple yet the most bluntest question

if the answer is was me who made the decision to come here living in indo pak council house with all sorts of smells from tandoori cooking pots then .. you must pull yourself through ..wake up and slog

2.  Mix with positive people who are seriously writing their reports. Listen to their stories of success. That will motivate you better.

3.  Stay away from negative people example someone who is fighting with his wife over domestic matters. If you stay with him, your formula will find no solution, believe me .. you got no helping hand from this friend.

4. Try and talk to your friends what have you achieved so far.
so where is the problem that makes you stop so suddenly then.

5.  I met few friends like you before. After few talking with their close friends ..about their small successes n 1 or 2 big rocks to climb .. i was please to see them
 finally completed their Ph.D work.

6.  Do not stay quiet. I.e., staying in your room looking at the sky and ponderingg when will it turn all green one day.  You know dear.  That colour cannot be painted by anyone up there.  It is not your business to think green or red the colour of the sky at this time.  Yes your real job is ..completing your task (Ph.D).

7.  Try and do simple things checking your references that uou haf done so far.  Sort them from A to Z.  Read them carefully. Read again.  Identify few important papers. Have you read all of them?

sometimes, out of the blue .. we realised we have made so many short cuts so far.  Retreat .. read a paper , the papers, insya allah you will see a new you after that.

8.  I think you are stuck with your experiment. Talk to your Sv1. Sv2.

get advice.  Many of you did not see your sv so often in the early parts of your research.. that is why so feel 'afraid' to meet him at this point of your journey.

9.  Better go and see SV. He will shout at you. Well you deserve it righT?

Sometimes going through your work and publications so far with your sv .. is much better than to think when the world is going to end.  Attend few seminars near your place.  That could help.  Ask idea from your SVs about seminars and conferences that you can go as paper presenter etc etc.

he he.  (highly expected )

10. Pray n ask Allah what i m gonna do my god. Cry and cry.  He will listen to you. Be strong my dear.

visit your children who are fast sleeping. From their faces, u know cannot say you gonna fail my friend.

pray in tahajud and dhuha.


Now penat. Rest jap?

I shall continue later.  Till then ..stay well n say you gonna be alright.  OK?


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