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As a post graduate student , you are required to answer this question called the ' Body of Knowledge'.  i.e.,  your contribution to the BOK.

Many PhD scholars tend to write this part at the end of their journey.  Some argued that they can think better,  more focus  when they write this BOK at the end of their journey. Some plan to do this in Malaysia.   Bravo/ Brilliant! but oops ..

I think that is not wise because ..  not many scholars have done that successfully within a short period of time.  Please continue your reading.  TQ.


From my experience writing a thesis of 20,000 words (masters) and 200,000 words (Ph.D endless submissions, rejections  and.. he..he..   the final one) mind me if I suggest the following simple steps please :

a)  create a small folder on your desk top.  Let us call this folder  BOK_sazali
b)  write essay1_BOK
c)  write more essay2..n  BOK
d)  write more essays

** why oh why ?  by putting that folder BOK .. it reminds you that this Ph.D is about that  BOK  my boy!  without that BOK.. we can say ..  had a great holiday abroad ..


I wrote many series of my contributions , firstly, i tried putting a paragraph / two in a paper proceedings.  If the paper is accepted for presentation , then copy and paste that paragraphs to a new Word File.  Called this file as   essay1_BOKacheh082008

now send this file into the folder called BOK_sazali

after a few weeks , then I wrote again some more paragraphs ..  in a journal recognized by the MOE.  If it is again accepted and .. at the end you got ISSN or ISBN number ...

I copy that part under the contributions ..
and open another file Word File
Called that file   essay2_BOKtenerife2010

then secondly ..  you sent again this second file into the above FOLDER called BOK_sazali

Keep doing this all along your  3 year PhD program.

*** you can still see that folder BOK on your desktop ..  again and again ..  and it reminds you when was the latest contribution writing that you have done for that folder. Reminding is helpful for the faithful you .. he..he..    ( Hadith).

Deng , deng , deng .... (music from the Chinese opera)

Once you have written all your chapters say Chapter 1, 2 , 3 .. 7  in your thesis

then by a simple click to find ..  something on the contribution to the body of knowledge from the desktop of your computer PC/ notebook/  cloud

....  alhamdulilah ..   you just copy and now paste at the end of the above Chapter 7 of your thesis.


There you are my dear.  BOK is now put in place in the thesis.  After all these while.

Everything is in order.
Chapter 1, 2, 3 ..7  plus that body of knowledge.
Now review your REFERENCES section and the Appendices.

if you got  bored ..   spend some time editing your references according to APA standard  etc etc..   Please be patient ..  a bit more my boy..


Alhamdulilahhhh ..  your thesis is about to complete.  Bind.  What ever you have now ..


Insyallah , submit to your SV and pray hard the process of viva will follow. God Willing.

By doing this way,  you can count on your contribution to the body of knowledge.  Why? your writing in this BOK has passed through many reviewers for the journals and paper proceedings and many more (you can name it).

This act ( from the above paragraphs ...  may be much better, smarter)  rather than ..
you spent agonizing ...  some sleepless nights trying to figure out .. what have you contributed to the BOK ..
as far as your research/ study is concerned when ... your SV kept on commenting that your writing at the end is quite sloppy/ hopeless  what more if ..  in the other room of your rented Pakistani , oriental house  some where in Saltley, Birmingham 8

 your lovely  wife/ spouse/ children  are so eager, busy to do the final packing in sending all the 'souvenirs' that you found from 100 different  trips to the car boot sales all through out Britain to Malaysia. Home Sweet Home.  he..he..  Why 200?  because you have stayed 3 years in UK ..  3 * 52 = 156 weeks plus minus 'n'.

You know what my boy?  your wife is more energetic in doing that special business .. of packing things .. and mind you ..she may forget .. you are dying trying to pen down your contribution to the BOK.  BTW, she wouldn't care a bit ..  what the hell is BOK.
  Her question would be ..have you brought home bigger boxes Honey?

With that .. Good Bye.  Enjoy your writings, reflecting and ..  my prayers from a simple town called PR, BP, Johor, Malaysia  for you my friends 10,000 km away.

Wallahu aklam bis sawabbbb.


Mohd Sazali Khalid & Helmi Adly Md Noor (2012).  Chapter 5 -Teaching and learning mathematics using CDiCL: sense making using computers within teamwork.  Parit Raja:  UTHM Publisher


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