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I have read and helped few friends in their thesis writings.  Some are good and some are poor.

Today I would like to contribute 2 things:

First  the article 'a'  and 'the'
Second the word  'do not'.  In short negative statements.

Let us start with the first.

1)  When to use 'a'  and 'the'

When you are introducing something new to someone ..  it is good to write 'a' in the first sentence.
Example:  I am using a method called 'XYZ Robin'.

Once you have introduced XYZ  Robin to the reader(s) then in the second sentence in  a paragraph , you can start using the article 'the'.

So 2nd sentence :  The method is derived from Green (1990), Brown(2000) and  upgraded by Yellow(2011).


Now we go to the second point.  The negative statement(s).

Study this pattern of sentences.

Positive sentence:  The method can improve the productivity by 50%.
Negative sentence:  The method can not improve the productivity by 50% unless ...

Positive sentence:  The productivity was improved by 50%.
Negative sentence:  The productivity was not improved by XYZ Robin at all.

Positive sentence:  This result agrees to Yellow(2011).
Negative sentence :  This result does not agree to Yellow (2011).

Positive sentence:  It cost me a lot in producing this result.
Negative sentence:  It did not cost me anything in producing this result.

POSITIVE                                                                         NEGATIVE
It + (verb)+s                                                                     It does not +(verb) ..
    + (verb) + ed                                                                It did not  + (verb) ..

They + (verb)                                                                    They did not + verb
We + (verb) ed                                                                      We did not + verb

She   + verb + 's'                                                              She does not + verb


That is all for today.  I am going to read Yaseen now with my friends since it is Friday today.
Have a nice week end, will you?



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