1001 challenges

Posted by sazali


As a muslim , I am challenged to live and die as a good mukmin > muslim.  Target - paradise.

As a scholar , my task is ..  write a book (s) ,  spread the knowledge we have to the rest of the community insya allah.

As a daddy, my task is to upbring my family as what Allah demands daily, hourly, minutely and many more sub-tasks

As a husband, I have to treat my partner very well.  Why?  Amanah / trust they give , man?  If God did not put the trust to my in-laws hearts and brain , my children now ..  will not come one after the other.  It is Gods' wish .. i got a good partner.  Syukur al hamdulilah.

As a son, my job is to serve my sick old mum 24/7 all times hot or cold.  Tsunami come or tsunami gone ....

Oh ..so many more .down the line.  Too tired to write.

But .. all these deeds come to nothing my readers -  if we do syirik to Allah.  What is syirik?

2)  when we think we are the main source of income not Allah.

when we think ..this is my knowledge, this is my findings , etc etc without putting any association with the blessings of the Al Mighty Allah at all.

when we think Money is the god of all gods.  That's why we are willing to leave our sick children to the others ..  to care not once ..many times already.  For what actually?

Get me?


This is called 1001 challenges.  In my opinion, God is testing us all the time. If we win, we get paradise else ..  (don't know. I am afraid).

Wallahu aklam ..


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