waiting is killing..

Posted by sazali


Everybody loves to have friends. If you are a kelantanese, your friends mos likely would be from kelantan too.

Rarely have i met anybody say a german where his friends are mostly english.

He he he ..

But having friends ..we must know their habits.

One of the habits is 'otw' on the way.

If we plan to meet at 1000 am, they will say ..dont worry on my way otw.
We waited n waited. Soon the clock shows ..1100am.
We carry on waiting..still otw.

My god. What is this?
You know where he is?
For goodness sake ..he is still ironing his clothes.

3) i lost many friends because otw attitude. I am not sure where on earth was he educated after all.

Since i had waited for 2f hours ..i just left the place.

He he he..
For me waiting is really killing. The closer u are with someone the harder it becomes on this punctuality.
But everyday the prime minister talks about timing. Preciseness etc etc.

I lost my words.
So thats it. I left this culture for good. People who practice this otw things ..i think good to forget promises n business.
Good bye.


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