long life my boy

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Hindus want a long life. Buddhist too. Muslims? Of course ..sure one. Christians ..i am not so sure but they invent many things example aerobic. Why? They want to live much longer when they run on the static pad/ bicycle.

The secrets of a long life is:

A)  you must like yourself first. Others cannot like you so well unless you yourself really like you first.

How? Talk well about your self. Your family. Never curse yourself.  If  your face is not so handsome like Ronaldinho ..  don't worry.  Accept it.  As easy as that.  Allah is the best artist/ creator.  He created you the best that he can.

B) you must enjoy your journey in your life. When you are a studrnt ..you enjoy staying at school from year 1 to year 12. Evrrytime, you are found to enjoy the journey called studying.
When u got jobs. Enjoy the jobs. Don't look down at your jobs.

If you hate your teaching job..sooner others will hate you...

C)  you live according to your means.

If you earn RM100 a day. Jolly good. Don't worry ur neighbours earning 20 times higher..the main thing you are honest and true to your jobs.

D)  learn to forget your troubles.

Troubles come and go. As easy as that. If you cry so much with troubles..sooner you will die because everything looks so horrible.

Plz smile a bit.

If you smiles..you look so nice. If you look nice, i look nice ..then the whole dunia will look nice. Saying that .you will live much longer.

Got to stop now. Why? To live longer, you must know ur limit. Your body needs rest. So take care of that. Nobody can afford to care for it  except you yourself.

So to live longer..if you feel sleepy ..just sleep.
Don't worry so much. If you worry too much,  what can you do?

You can answer that.

He he he. Gonna to stop now..
Remember the golden rules.

Eat when you are very hungry. Stop before you are completely full.

Easy one, right?

Thank you.



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