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Today is Sunday. Last week, at this time, it was Sunday too.
Most countries in the world take today as a public holiday.

When holiday, we can do the followings.
One - we sleep the whole day.
Two - sleep 10 hours, stay awake the next 14 hours.
Three - shopping, jogging, relaxing, washing day. But can you wash? It always rain now in Malaysia.

Me? He he he...today i want to be nice to my partner. I am thinking of bringing her to eat kueh teau goreng in Sungai Gelugor wet market. I want to use my girl's money.

Usually at the end of every month, my girl sends some money to me. She never stop doing that since she started earning her own money.

I really appreciate that all the seconds, minutes, hours and days throughout my old age.

I pray for her to be better than me in all walks of her life. Hope one day she can talk in America, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia and many other places. When i talk, there are some listeners. Most of my talk was in the mosques. I talked about 6 points. First, iman in Allah; second, solat ; third knowledge and zikirullah; fourth brotherhood in islam; fifth is sincerity in amal and intention and sixth, willingness to sacrifice for the sake of deen.

We don't  have to be a prime minister to do that. Then how daddy?

The answer is very simple.

treat your parents , teachers, relatives  well and never talk ills about others all the times.
god willing , He will send you all over the places.

3) kueh teau goreng doesn't cost much. It cost less than 10RM per sitting. The remainder ..daddy?

i will pass some to the mosques charity under your name.

oh, yes, i remembered my late grand mum used to say .jali .if you make your daddy happy..god will open the whole skies for you.

how true it is!

When i eat using my girl's money ..i am always happy.
QUIETLY, i hope Allah will give her better life than me.


i think that's all for today. Hope it motivates us to serve our old parents the best that we can.

insya allah.

till then ...think about it ok?
p/s:  yesterday .. our food was treated by a custom officer W41.  Rezeki from Allah.


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