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We have some amount of knowledge.
Nobody can say ..he has no knowledge at all.
Basically everybody has some degree of knowledge to survive in this present world.  A driver age 18+ , he can drive straight from point A to point B safely, .. and he showed that day in and day out ..of course with some knowledge.  His car pointed in that direction B ..and he reach it safely and sound.  He would be called an idiot if he drive from A to B rear-wise ( and the distance is 300km.).

2)  If we go to India, Pakistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh ..the poor people there have some sort of basic knowledge to survive on the streets, cities etc etc.  Why?  God has given us some brain.  Knowledge did not come from one source only.  It comes from anywhere.  If one sees that there is a big fire coming in his direction, the first step he will take is after his life.  He did that because he knows ..he will die in the fire.  Running is a form of knowledge.

3)  Imagine we have so much knowledge.  the question is how to manage that knowledge as a whole so that the society can live happily in spite of knowing ..there are so much tragedies nowadays.

If we have money , a large amount of money , let us say , how do we manage that money?  Yes we put it in the bank.  There are many kinds of banks.  Correct!

4)  How about if we have so much knowledge. How do we manage that?

Yes you are correct. Go to the library.  Our own kind.  But did you see ..  are there many books of our kinds ..showing that we manage our knowledge so well after all.

If we brought  Princess of Wales to Kota Bharu ..  imagine she is in the main library, does she think our books are sufficient enough to impress her that our society has managed our knowledge very well to qualify as a developed nation?

I think most books that she saw ..comes from her homeland.

If not .. from USA.

So what happen?

5)  Many people like to be humble yesterday , today and many more days to come.  Why humility?  Because our ad-deen says .. if we are to show any kind of ria' .. our amals would not be accepted by the Al-Mighty Lord.

So in short ..  there is something called misunderstanding between what should be done and what should not be done among us the ummah of Rasulullah s.a.w.

I do not know who to blame.  But there is some misunderstanding such as way that .. our library cannot show case sufficient evidence ..our people have some knowledge.

What we can see the result of knowledge. The application of knowledge.  First,
our people are willing to bring their cooking utensils to the road side to earn some livings.  (they sell nasi kerabu , nasi ber lauk , nasi himpit , sate .. yes ..all along the road sides..imagine that !).  Do they not know any kind of cleanliness?  But they say .. Allah decides what danger is.  Our job is just to sell at the roadsides.  Here, we can see many professionals eating those food sold at the road sides.

One day the professional fell ill. He was diagnosed cancer at stage 4 already.  Why?
the doctors said ..the result of taking food with dust, smoke and many other particles from the road traffics.  See?

To end this short writing, we must manage our goods very well.  If property, we must document them very well.  Put wasiat with AmanahRaya. If we know our jobs are to dangerous .. give some time to think about insurance?  if you lose your eyes while digging and drilling the oils .. at least thee is some body to protect you in the hospital.

If we have so much debt, write it down. If we die, at least our children can help us out there .. paying back the debt 20 - 50 years from now.  Else?  our amals would not be accepted by the Al Mighty Allah.

With that, manage our life very well dear.  Dont take things easy any more.  Ria' or not ria'  this is our life!



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