Challenges of the retired ones

Posted by sazali


When you retire , the 2 biggest  issues you are going to face are:

1)  cost of living - how to maintain your lifestyle?

He..he..he..  it looks so easy.  Eat what we can , sleep when we like any time.  Life is so easy now.

You are absolutely right.  But the food is getting more expensive now.  If you go to mamak restaurant, year 2014 you can eat tanddori chicken with RM10 but now 2015 .. it cost RM12 excluding GST, parking fee etc etc.

Health bills? they are getting more and more.  Last time RM500 can bring you far in your favourite hospital.  Now RM1000 is something ..  you get to spend.  So watch out.  The cost of medicine, number of treatments regarding your urine tests, drips .. etc etc.  Your cholesterol level also high.  Now high, tomorrow may be higher .. why?  you lack exercises.  (laugh).

2)  you are going to lose many of your good friends

If you are a professor, your friends are mostly academicians.  They talk and breathe just like what you do yesterday , today and tomorrow under the tree in Sri Gading, Batu Pahat.

After you retire, and you start to move inland  towards your village .. what you mention looks so wierd to the kampung folks.  They only know about tapping rubber trees, tending their lands for rice, tapioca, water melon and many more of that kind.  No need 'impact factor' journals and the rest.  This is when you feel out of place my old professor.

Today you are still ok to call your old friends.  Soon , your calling would not be attended any more by your good old friends.  Why?  the answer is so simple..  you are not in their group any more.  He..he..he..

what a lonely life one is heading ..  in the 60's ; 70's and ..  100's.

Till then good bye prof.  Forgive my bad english.  Two years have gone after I retired.  It seems just like yesterday when my friends from the faculty - say good bye to me with plenty of hugs, kiss and many more tears.  Huh is really too short?

Wallahu aklam


  1. suziana mohd tahir said...

    Tuan...meski berapa tahun pun masa berlalu, saya tetap beranggapan tuan hebat berbicara dalam bahasa inggeris. Dan mudahan suatu hari nanti saya dapat mendengarnya sendiri...terutama bila tuan bercakap tentang agama.

  2. sazali said...

    TQ ..Puan. Ilmu untuk dikongsi-kongsikan. Bahasa sebagai media perantaraan. Dalam B.I orang Afrika Selatan mampu membacanya. Selepas itu dia sebar kpd saudara saudarnya di UK, USA dan Eropah. Masya Allah. Yang penting kita buat then ..ingat ikhlas pada tuhan semesta alam. Doa.

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