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In this world, Allah has shown what is time tunnel.

Somebody can reach New York in a matter of minutes, seconds and some took the trouble to fly in hours and days.

Some didn't even reach their destinations.

Their airplanes explode.

2)  How ?

we can send pictures and voices and images in seconds through the internet facilities.
we can paste, copy, imitate, animate and many more.  Things that look so impossible ..now it looks so real and reachable, possible,

that time has come ..the time tunnel.

What our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w (peace be upon him) said ..  there will come a time, the mothers will be the slaves of their own children.

He went on to say ..  poor people become too rich.

Children becomes the boss of their parents.  Sadly, the parents obey blindly and knowingly.

3)  the time tunnel ..  our Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w .

told us:

he saw how women became the majority of the descendants of the hell fire.  Prostitutes. Bite bitings. Slanderers , mockerers and many more.

Men were responsible for that.  So men and women plus stones .. they got burn in the fire of hell. Astaghfirullah hal azeem.

Why men?  dhaif, muflis, dayus ,  ..  irresponsible lots ..  they let their women and daughters out during maghrib for shoppings -  emporiums .. on lines .. in the process they forgot their 5 times daily solats knowingly, purposely and ..  [PLUS TOLL ..  traffic jams ..  the gorverment today has to answer to ths] ... in the hell fire , you say?

Insya allah I continue after this. My boss wants to see me ..a moment .



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