maghrib is coming

Posted by sazali


When maghrib comes, good to be in the mosque.

This is the best time to recite some doa. This time is ..good when Allah will accrpt all doa,

You can ask ...pass your viva,
You can also ask ...improve my health.
Why not ask ..better time with our beloved ones. Control her temper. Control her mouth.

This time ..the angels on duty during the day will swap position with the sngels coming down for night duties.

It is a great moment. During the shifting, the sun goes down slowly n soon the world is enveloped withbpure darkness.

Dont miss this. Ask for hidayah.


Dr s. Markaz nizamuddin new delhi, india 1979.


  1. suziana mohd tahir said...

    Pray for the ummah. I heard, doa of a daei can change the whole world! Always pray 2 rakaat of solatul hajat just for hidayah. MashaaAllah..

  2. sazali said...

    O yes ..we are all dae. Pray for the hidayah of all mankinds.

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