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An object called 'A' can move from one end of the tunnel to the other end called 'B'.

So during the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w 1437 years ago .. Allah had brought him to the other end of the world (tunnel in this case) .. within 1 night called Isra' Mikraj and there he saw so many things.  After witnessing ..Allah sent him back to point called 'A' again ..his time.

A tunnel looks like a cylinder.  A point 'A' can travel from that point to another position .. all along the tunnel .. until it reaches point 'B'.

2)  The interpretation:

Allah can do anything that he likes. Human being called 'man' like you and me ..we cannot do anything that we like except .. Allah permits us doing so and so.  this is contained in the kalimah 'La ila ha illa llah ..'

Now man denies the stories told in isra' mikraj.  But here in year 2015 , we can see so many inventions ..  like satellite ..  man in Timor Leste can see football games in London, live!

Similarly , people in Saudi can watch Miss World can see live telecast ..  (if they wanted to see) in their bedrooms called the royal palaces.  You can read zikir ..but at the same time your eyes can be everywhere.

Flood and calamities (tsunami, earthquakes) ..  man can see the sufferings of the others while they are taking baths in a 5 star hotel some where around the globe.

At one end ..someone is suffering from major destruction ..while ath the other end .. some one is enjoying his breakfast ..while watching life ..the misery of other humans ..in front of his eyes. Yes at the same time. Instaneously.

What does this mean?

This is called a time tunnel.  Allah wants us to understand .. this fenomenon ..  you can feel both luxury and misery at the same time.

..and many more examples ..we can understand this ..if Allah gives us taufiq and hidayah.

Without that ..  we are finished today, tomorrow and for ever and ever.

3)  In thhis time tunnel ..  if Allah wants ..he can send .. Abu Jahal and his wife ..back to this world.

The first thing Abu Jahal will declare to us is that:  if this is the islam that Muhammad has being telling me all those time ..  I can easily take islam as my ad deen any time ..so easy!.  Similar is his wife.  She will embrace Islam anytime too smilingly , sweetly , happily ..and make doa to the Al Mighty as a mockery / pretender of Ad Deen.


at one time , we wear tudung .. but at another time .. we disobey Allah - missing solat one after the other.  Some times you  said 'MYOB' mind your own business ....

at one time , we fasted in Ramadhan .. but at the same time .. we cheated the people .. in all dimensions using Islam (this and that) as a cover up.

at one end .. we solat 5 times .. a day ..but at the same time ..  we are very lazy in doing our business ..  for halal rezqi and clean livelihood.

In short many men are cheating themselves - morning , evening and night falls.

See?  our blood is dirty because we fooled ourselves since day 1 ..as we become the servant of rakyat ( government officers).  in the morning we sing song about .. sincererity , hikmah, clean life ..but at the same time .. we cheated in the claiming forms and duties  We appointed our relatives to do all kinds of contract work ..and in some cases ..the money come into our own pocket / bank accounts.

That was why ..i wrote .. Abu Lahab and the gang .. can be true mukmins if todays ' muslim and muslimat is the real yardstick ..of islam.

Is that so ,  brothers , sisters , the rest of us all?

Is this islam?

Only you can answer yourself.  Yes .. when we understand the concept of a time tunnel. A particle can move from one end  to the other and vice versa.

Let us repent and make doa .. Allah will forgive us .. our shortcomings .. and not let Allah catch us when we are sinning ..like zina, riba, tipu, bohong, khianat , zalim, ...

Astagh firullah hal azeeem. We must be careful ..plz.

Wasallam.  Good to think ..time tunnel?


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