if you can't sleep

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Sleeping is a present from Allah. Allah grants the state of rest called sleep to all his creation believers or non believers. I went to India 40 years ago and I saw many Indians can sleep any where they like. He he he.

Now  I saw some of my friends ..suffering from lack of sleep (insomnia). Even though they have taken all kinds of medicine, sleep never come near to them yet.

Here are some tips. Yes getting some sleep.

First, take ablution ( wudhu)
Read surah tabarakallazi and alif lam mim sajadah
Then read this doa ..allahum bis mika amutu wa ahya
Then you sleep.

If you have a partner near you ..check her first,

Now my wife is fast asleep. May be she is tired from all kinds of chores called cooking and cleaning. Why did I say so? He he he. You must check your children and wife too. Make sure everybody is there in the house. If one is missing, get her quick else you will miss more sleep.

When they are sleeping, don't disturb them. They have all the rights to sleep. Don't feel bad when somebody sleeps so soundly and you can't get even a wink.

Sleep then my dear. Don't worry so much thing. Everything will be alright.

Read in your heart ayatul qursi, 3 times surah al-ikhlas, surah al-falaq and surah An Nasss.

Good night everybody. Target ..tomorrow fajar solat in the masjid.



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