Challenges of the working mums

Posted by sazali


After the punch clock activities, one day i met my young colleague  with 3 - 4 bags on her small shoulder. I asked her why?

First bag,  some food for breakfast at 10.00 or 1300 hours.

Second bag ,  milk powder for her young babies

Third bag ,  money, purse, notebook Acer and Samsung Tab 4 and

Fourth bag ,  extra clothes since anything can happen from home , office and home again.  Malaysia too notorious for traffic jams and flash floods.


As a young mum, she is juggling with so many duties outside her home.  Where the man here?  [business .small one .or no business really].

If she produces a baby every year, her job increases knowingly or unknowingly.  Pity her.  Now I remember my girls out there.  They are suffering the same thing.  I suppose?

I think this is not confined to malaysian mums only ..  but Indonesian, Thais and many more.


2) the cost of living is getting higher and higher.  I heard the house next to my girl in Nilai, N9 is RM700K.  O my god!

If you are placed in middle income group, you would suffer more here.
No more 100% educational loan from PTPTN.  They say , your parents can afford anytime this tuition fees.

Another sorrow is ,  the income tax division.  We are the only group they are trying all kinds of formula.  In the end we get RM1000 monthly and we cough out RM1000 monthly too.  And our beloved PM .. budget 2016 more yearly bonus to shout for.  It proves one thing .. tak panda urus negaro!  He..he..he..

When the above young mum hits her bedding at home , she might ask .. is this life after all?




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