Peringkat editing, checking figures and repairing thesis masters atau phdmu itu

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Bila belajar diperingkat tinggi untuk ilmu dunia ..seperti masters dan phd .. kita tak leh lari dari keno buat edit, repairing itu dan ini ..  aghhh ..jangan bersedih tuan hamba.  Saya dah melalui itu semua.  Azabbbb a u zu billah ..  min zaliq.  Zalim betul examiners itu bukan? ada ker patut ..   Ini ada saya turunkan sedikit 'tips' untuk membantu tuan semua yg telah berjaya dizalimi.

Point 1.

a)  check your results chapter.  make sure the results got something to do with your research questions in Chapter 1.

b)  check your discussion chapter.  Make sure you are discussing the results you got as regards to your research questions and pleaese try and relate it to your literature review in Chapter 2.
o yes i failed a foreign student recently in his masters .. you know why?  the reason was he wrote the first 3 chapters on Manchester United  but alas .. his final 2 chapters called discussion and recommendations was entirely on Kelantan Football Club in Malaysia.  The point is ..there was no connection between his literature review with his results and discussion chapters. What a heck it was!  Thus as a supervisor .. i call it 'Fail'.  Easy?

c)  How to start discussion chapter ?  list out the research question first in the first page of the chapter called Discussion.  Then from there you put / fill in the results you got from your Methodology Sections (experiments 1, 2, 3 .. n) by looking up at the reseach questions.  Then you can easily see how your discussion chapter got its shape slowly but surely.  then make some intelligent comments .  Sorry to use the word 'intelligent' here.  Well it is a masters / phd work right?  so don't write things like this ..

oh that one is really cool.
I never expect this result you know?
Oh my god ..  never comes across my mind i will get this result after all.  Spot it!  Perfectly cool!

d)  you have to declare how much you have closed the research gap ..  that you had proclaimed there was one research gap ..that brings u up to this level of phd work.  Declare it .. honestly.  No sin is done if you write something like this

' the gap on ..(ur research problem) ..  is solved 10 percent at the moment.  The rest has to be done on the following recommendations such as ..

recommend 1,recommend 2, recommend 3

point 2

*  please don't worry now.  After VIVA ..they give you some time to edit, correct your figures and add some good points here and there so

** stay cool. Be nice to your spouse .. help her making good food and be extremely nice to your children. They have sacrificed a lot for your journey abroad.  Right?

Itu saja lah sumbanngan saya kali ini.  Bukan kueh raya yg menggantikan diri saya ..sekadar ..  penulisan 2 points ini sajalah  ..pengganti diri saya ini kali.  Selamat Hari Rayo ..  Aidil Fitri.  Maafkan kami as pemeriksa.

Sekian.  Wallahu aklam

Sir Sazali Bahasa Inggeris SPM 1332 (SM Kota, Kelantan 1987 - 1992)
Encik Sazali  Matematik Kejuruteraan A1000, Statistics Perdagangan P201 (Politeknik Kota Bharu 1992 - 2002)
Doctor Sazali  Mathematics BIT 11103 ( 2010 ~      ..  he.he..  ok tak Bohhh?).
P.M. ( Perdana Menteri ...  tanyo Saudaraku Anwar Ibrahim ..  laugh).  Doa untuk saya wehh..


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