Tahniah ..my young friends

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Today few of my friends from this faculty FSKTM got AKC - Annual Excellent Service Award  2011.  If I am not wrong, each of them will bring  home  (in any of these combinations) RM1000, certificate and a wonderful designers' watch.  Congratulations mates!

They are:  Dr Rathiah Hj Hashim, Dr Nurhaniza bte Hj Wahid, Mr Zaki Salikon, Mr Nor Asri Ismail, Mr Zubaile Abdullah, Mr Firkhan Ali , Mr Razali Yusoff, Madame Rafidah Abu Bakar , Madame Hazifa, Dr Hj Mohd Najib Salleh, PM  Dr Hajjah Rozaida Ghazali, PM Dr Nazri Nawawi,  Mr Azizul Zambri , Mr Faizalnizam, Miss Marlinee,  Mr Mohd Farhan Fuzee, Madame Nuraini Asmuni, Madame Nor Azah Samsuddin, Hj Hannes Masandiq, Mr Miswan Surip, Madame Nurhaneem, Madame Nuraini Ibrahim, Madame Nurhalina Senan, Mr Indra Shahril and Mr Shafee Jamil.

Congratulations man/ lady!  You deserve it all the way.

2)  Me and those .. not mentioned today ..don't worry.  The postman said 'tahun depan'.  He..he..

With that ..  Happy Ramadhan.  Pray hard, read Quraan .. and don't sleep during the office hours please. get your teeth  brushed before coming to work beginning 22nd July 2012.

He..he..  i just want to be a part of your great day ..wallo

Wallahu aklam.


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