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Currently our university has 183 PhD holders.  Out of that , 100 got at least 1 PhD student under their supervision.  83 potential supervisors are still waiting.


2)  The professors are taking 4 students under them each while a simple man like me ..has 1.  I should have 2 students .. but because of some undue reasons .. i let him off ..  so that he won't waste his life here for 3 - 4 years.

That 's good isn't it?

Some students ..  they start writing a research proposal ..n now after 10months ..  he is still writing that proposal.  My job is to advice him ..about the scope .. and the potential ..he is going to finish his work on time.  Yes 3 to 4 years.

Full time.

3)  In that process of getting his PhD .. he has to sacrifice a lot ..  the time when his kids are growing up and his spouse getting older.  So simple... right?

Some of them got the scroll ..and some don't.  There are a few reasons why the sad story of not getting one. I just list them here:

3.1   he keeps on changing the title of his phd
3.2  he quarrels a lot with his supervisor (s)
3.3  he starts to play golf ..when 10  months ago ..he had never heard what a golf stick is in Pasir Puteh Kelantan
3.4  his friends told me ..  he started to collect old magazines ..about merzedez bence.  Perhaps he wanted to open a workshop upon returning home from Scotland.
3.5  he loves to fly cheaply to European cities alone .. at least once a month.

See?  a man change doing PhD.  Pressured (blood) - hyper tension -  diabetes?

Ooops sorry .that was what prof Dr Vijay Kumar said yesterday.  I just pour them out here for the future phD scholars.

3.6  he makes his bedroom his office.  When his friends are busy doing experiments and filling up their log books in the universities .. he kept himself occupied with ..  other things else.  O yes ..another boy coming ..  made in U.K.

Well now it is lunchtime/  i am so hungry.  Better go ..

Wallahu aklam.


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