Dok gilo baca buku Lim Kok Wing

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Today I got a chance to get hold of a book called 'the man who designed the future'. by Ambi Mathe. the book about lim kok wing.

I glance/ flip through very fast the pages up and down .. the book.  It got a forwarding message from our beloved ex-PM Tun Mahathir Mohammad, june 6 , 2000.

Inside few more early pages - it lists down -  the future exist/  the future is about people/  the future is created in the present/  the future is determined by action/ architects of the future.

But I like to read this paragraph ..about our mind.  Yes the mind between our ears.

Our mind can go forward .. can go backward.  It can swim many years ..down the road.  If we are 50 years old .. our mind can swim back at least 45 years .. downwards... remembering our old teachers, our old friends, some are already dead because of illnesses, accidents, .., our sweet sweet memory plus .. our sweet sweet hearts. puppy love they call it?   All there in our mind. we saw Mokhtar Dahari, Soh Chun Aun , football greats in Germany ,  ..,   BTW, .. who created this thing called - wonderful mind?

Yes you are dead right .. Allah Sub hanawa Taala.  He gives us good mind,  some HE gives better mind than others .. who dare to speak in front of the western leaders .. malaysian got  guts man  .. we built Proton .. when Honda and Toyota are doing well in USA and Europe.  Only brave people are willing to do ..extra hurdle with extra results. Some Allah has given .. stronger mind .. they become Nobel Prize winner(s).

Me? I am me .. Allah created my parents ..who then teach me .. many things about this world .. we must stay humble .. then we can learn many things from the others .. our past colonial masters .. our enemies ..the japanese .. they killed many melayu from kelantan, chinese, ..when they were in power in Malaya .. their soldiers tortured many malay women .. they jumped on the stomach of 9 month old mother-to-be ..  see?  how cruel they were ... their soldiers raped and tortured many chinese women ...surprisingly we are business friends .. chinese, Proton n the japanese.  Did they teach us many things mates?


you know the answer.  I know few answers .. one of them friends went to Japan to do phD .. only 1  scored the scroll .. thanks god .. u r benevolent and merciful ya ROBBB ..  we keep on learning from our enemies .. one day our enemies /  many other days .. good business friends..

but lastly ..  i think lim kok wing is very special .. because he has the word 'WING'  in his name from day 1 after his birth.  With that wing he has flown to many countries including africa.  then from his wing ..we can see many africans taking all sorts of degreees etc etc .. thank you .. they are coming in waves to malaysia.

We also got many problems.  immigration.  illegal immigrants?  Our jail are pushed to the limit.  In Sabah, yesterday, 80 - 90% of the residents  in the jails ..  are immigrants .. indonesians, filipinos, .., they robbed, killed , import export dadah , they built dadah laboratories,  and out of that .. they created drug mules out of  the melayu ladies.  In the jails, they got free food.  I work 24 hours a day provide food on the dining table for my family every day.  In the morning i got caught in the traffic jam. after so many hours, i paid toll.  pay this pay that.  toll?  after all those killing jams.  then i get paid.  buy food for my family. but  the jailed immigrants ..  what did they do deserve free food ..hah?  in our backyard.  sleep, rest, urinate, free food, fightings...  yes.. the wings (aeroplanes ) brought them here. tq AirAsia.  Everybody can fly into Malaysia nowadays.  Great stuff isn't it?  drugs also ..great stuff alsoooo from Iran , u say?

See?  the influence of wing.


wa llahu aklam.  p/s:  i must keep on reading ..then i can write better



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