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Akhirnya isteri kat rumah termakan pujuk ..ikut saya gi jogging tepi tasik.  Buat 2 rounds ..lari lari anak bila saya led the way ..isteri  ikut kat belakang ..jauh kena tinggal.  After that ..dia ada kata .. "best jugak jogging ..bah ...".  Tu lah you ..lama dah saya ajak ..you tak mau ..  kuat abah dia berlari macam indian runner ..  ha..ha..

Isteri admitted "..my first jogging ..after 35 years .. habis sekolah Technical Institute Cheras/  SM Teknik Cheras , Kuala Lumpur.." Ha..ha.. .  sayangnya next week umat islam seluruh dah mula berpuasa dah. How to maintain your likings ni (jogging)...  he..he...

2)  Exercise is important.  Taking medicine promptly is also important.  But the most important thing ..stay happy ..in what ever way .. it comes.  Be happy, don't worry.  Right?

3)  Just now I read an article / a letter in Sunday Star 15 July 2011.  Titled "ungrateful son".  Anak yang tak mengenang budi ..  begitulah terjemahanya.

The writer wrote ..sadly ..  my son yelled out of me in front of his children and wife.. he took many things from granted ..  when he was small I provided every thing .. primary schools, secondary schools, university ... most of what he wanted .. I worked hard in order to provide ..his requirements.

Now his mum has passed away.  I stayed with his family now ..  but .. in return ..  please read ..the last paragraph up there.  He yelled at me ..for any simple mistakes I made .. falling food on the carpet, sleeping (snoring) in front of the TV ..  oh what a misery? reflecting back ..luckily i have my pension .. fully intact.

So sad to read that story.  I hope ..I won't lead my retirement age like that ..please.

My plan.  I want to stay independently all the time.  God Willing.  I don't intend to be a parasite to anybody plz.

By living alone .. i can afford to do anything  I like.  Well I can cook that  food that I enjoy most.  Sup tulang, sup ekor ,  .., but i must improve many things else especially my cooking beginning now.

To be independent ..i have to stay healthy.  Do that by doing a lot of optional prayers like tahajud, witir, dhuha, isra', awabin , day in and day out - etc etc.

To occupy time , i intend to write .. translate few classical maths books from england/ usa  into malay.  At least after i fall dead, many malaysians can get benefits from my writings.  Of course my work won't measure up ..like Munshi Abdullah's effort but at least I do my part ..  right?

Now we are blessed with internet.  I think I can use that technology to stay occupied with extensive readings immediately after my retirement ..

Next plan is to travel ..back to my old kampungs called Grantham, Lincolnshire, England.  He..he..  that would be great ..  at least once a year after my retirement i will return to Grantham, Dewsbury, Aldgate East London and Wimbledon Mosque, London.  Duit?  he..he.. Grantham is famous for Sir Isaac Newton and Lady Margaret Thatcher.  So those who want to be masters in maths and eloquent in speech . plz come here.  The training was superb in Grantham College for F.E.  how to go there?

Air Asia ..is the answer.

Umrah?  well i have done 10 ~16 times umrah when i went to hajj in 1995.  I think that was sufficient.  Well i cannot beat my rich neighbours in Kota Bharu who love  doing umrah (visiting mecca and madinah) yearly especially 20- - 30 ramadhan .  I think i have had enough of the arabs in mecca and medina.  why?  a true story.   One day , we went by bus .. 5 men 10 women. all melayus. to visit a famous place.  Out of no where the bus suddenly stopped in a desert.. the driver demanded some money.  Next come .. a small truck .. with loads of beduin soldiers ..they went up our bus ..  robbing the ladies necklaces, cash and demanded more money.  Hushhhh.. luckily my beloved lady escaped unhurt .. else ..  (please read the first 3 paragraphs in this article).
After that incident .. i said to myself ..  i better do dakwah fi tabligh  fi sabilillah  more than umrah etc etc. well .. in dakwah tabligh .. i can visit many poor muslims in Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Sabah and interior parts of Sarawak  etc etc in that order calling them to Allah's commandments and practices etc etc.

Now arabs ..  are multi -types.  One minute an arab the most generous man on earth  ..and the next minute ..  a taxi driver .. drove off with your wife while u were busy outside  pushing his taxi..  'make - up ' taxi that suddenly stalled (mapus tak ada minyak ..tok arab kato..; penipu besar dio).  See?  check ..many reports by Tabung Haji .. many crying men came back without their beautiful wives ..  melayu keno ; indon pun keno,  org kemboja pun keno adik wehhh, tok arab gilorrr sangat ..  minah melayu kito tau? rm500 penari melayu gelek 15 minit depan tok arab .. check Metro 14th July 2012.

Hush hush .. pity them really?

In conclusion,  take care of yourself.  That is the best strategy.  Don't depend so much on others when u r retiring.  Learn some basic cookings excluding cooking maggi....  that is not cooking , u no?

Be financially independent .. stay healthy .. eat well, sleep well, pray in the middle of the nights ..pray for hidayah..  then Allah will take care of us .. happily ever after.  Die as a dae (preacher of Allah).

My grandsons, grand daughters ..  catch me if you can ..  I gonna be an independent retired civil servant  God Willing   . If you remember me .. come and visit me.  Remember ..I love big size grapes, middetteranean oranges, apricots,  some olive oil + french bread.   in that order please.  TQ.


Wallahu aklam.


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