Why a man cries?

Posted by sazali

As long as a man is created with a pair of beautiful eyes , s/he is prone to cry.

Why does this happen?  My observation told me that man cries from two incidents called extreme fear to extreme happiness.

Let me elaborate on those two extremes.

If we are too afraid to fail in our last chance to get a degree ( and we know we should fail in the first place due to lack of serious study) then when the result came out ..  yes you failed!  then we can see we will cry because we have to pay back all the money to the government . Yes every single cents .  We will cry louder because ..  we know we come from the poorest family in our village.  We cry because we have wasted the greatest chance that the government has given us ..in order to improve our economic well being once and for all.  And yet we faltered again and again.

The greatest president also cried (like a small baby) once he lost an election.  He cried because he has lost all the power and good life attached being the president of the country.  As he went down the throne , he went down as a losing general in a big war.  He has to face the music such as the  shame and disgrace throughout his entire remaining life.

Next is a man cries because out of a sudden a happening could  change  his life once and for all.  Imagine a beggar on the street of Calculta, India who suddenly found 10,000,000 rupees on the street.  Imagine an aeroplane crashed  at the vicinity.  Out of the blue , the money dropped directly  to the beggars' feet.  Ohw .. what a life that would be .. even to me as a maths teacher.  That incident can only happen once in 10 million years.  He will cry the loudest ..because that 10,000,000 rupess could change his entire life immediately.  laugh?

God Bless you who cries ..and laugh .. We created the world with laughter and sadness sometimes right?  That is why we call ..   happily ever after.  Don't worry Be happy.

With that .. Good Bye.  See you.

Wallah hu aklam.


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