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I was politely asked to write few tips on how to control nervousness during :

(i)  interview session.

Well . the tips are :
a)  please bring the letter that calls you - attending the interview, make sure you have everything with you .. the documents .. IC/ passport, academic proofs etc etc including the keys of your car// make sure u bring ur BIT degree thesis and your Industrial Training final report.

*** they will ask you ** what can you contribute for this company?  ** can you be our representative in product promotion ** can you speak english/ Bahasa Malaysia/ Urdu/ Tagalog fluently?

b) Wear something decent.  if the interviews are for clerical jobs for example ..putting on a baju kurung is already very good but please don't wear too bright a colour/ too much batik design  for this occasion.  Bright means 'red, blue, orange that order  ok?  spray some nice perfume also works thousands of wonders too..he..he.. not minyak atar plz.

c)  make sure you take bath and feel the water.  if you don't feel the water that gets on your head ..then go to session 'Big trouble .. awaits you '  (laugh).

d)  During the queue up .. you will see many competitors ..the sexy one, the modern one, the trendy kind of girls .. islamic one,  and of course u r there too right?  don't worry.  Ignore ..them.  say - u still have a big chance to get the job.

follow my steps .. walking .. sitting .. introducing your self .. all in my blogs.  Late 2011.  please don't hesitate to read more articles in my humble blog.

e)  read few verses of the Holy Quraan.  starts with al-fatihah n end up with 'An nass'.
say subhanallah, alhamdulilah, allah hu akbar ....  and my great mentor Big Biscuit Halal Europe Manager CEO Mr Asif Jawaid from London advise me to say daruud .. salawat nabi ..  Allah hum ma soli ala sayidinna muhammad / wa ala alihi sayiddina muhammad , once u say daruud ..Allah sends 10 blessings on you ..  try to send daruud 100 times ; then u will have 1000 daruud from Allah .. that day too.

f)    usuallly i read surah 'Ya Seen' b4 i set off for important meetings including interviews.  read at least 3 times.  tell ur mum and dad pray for your success.  It is so important.  Get their blessings. Your first job interview, right?

g)  sometimes i frequent ..the toilet a lot .. the urine ..seems to flow so slowly .. very unusual .. it tells that ..u r so pressed up/  just say 'don't worry boy ..  u look great what? ..(look down plz).  ..ha.ha.. did u see anything down there////

don't forget to ask .. this golden question "How much can I get paid for this job?  If they are offering you RM1500  thats too low/  Try  getting RM2500 per month in big city for a start. if u get higher than that..thats very good u know?  laugh/ congrat!
h)  when your name is called say ' Bis millahhi ..Tawakal tu ala llah ... Only in Allah I do trust my entire happenings today ..YA ROBB plz help me '..

please do your best /  my dear.  Papa is out there in my vios.  I will pray u will be successful.  You have all the potential to earn RM2-3000 a month now/  Gd luck!


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