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God gives us good health, eyes and a sound mind.  Alhamdulilah.
It is a habit that I read few pages of the Holy Quran before I take my western breakfast.  two slices of bread celup with kayA OR MARGARINE and sugar.  Swallow slowly 2 or 3 pieces of Johorean pineapple juice.

The surah I read today was Al-Qamar. (the moon). It took me about 15 minutes only.

There are few interesting stories in that surah.  One of them was .. the disbelievers challenge Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) .. and the prophet using his finger ..  pin pointing it to the moon one day.  Suddenly everybody could see that the moon was divided into 2 halves.  Everybody was surprise except the 'big' disbelievers saying .."it is another magic (sihir) from Muhammad s.a.w. ..".  At that time, the disbelivers always made a mockery of their prophets including Muhammad s.a.w.

I am not going to narrate everything ..what went on between them and the Holy Prophet s.a.w.  What I wanted to share is:

(i)  if 1 finger of our Holy Prophet can  divide the moon into twos ..  what more if we muslims take his whole  life as our guiding examples.  Take his life as an example now and forever till death calls us apart.
(ii)  when Khadijah r.an ha. took Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) as her businessman - he was working with Khadijah before they got married .. the business of Khadijah grew by leaps and bound (the business gaining more and more profit) ..because the good charater of Rasulullah.   Many arab business men liked to make business with Muhammad and Khadijah ..  they put up  'good manners of doing business".

Examples of good manners in business are honesty, punctuality and full commitment to the business.
Now many indians muslim (from this point we call them mamak)  came to Malaysia ..and they make food business here.  As days go by ..  many malaysian restaurants started to close shop one after the other  because these mamaks can open the business 25 hours a day.  Their trademark is 'roti canai' and curry.

Our own malay nasi lemak cannot stand 25 hours a day because of the lemak (coconut milk) but mamak's curry can last forever.  Besides that these mamak can take all kind of criticism and instruction from the local malays at any time when they patronize the restaurants.  Inspite of the locals saying so many things about the mamak food .. I observed that their business is getting bigger as days go by near my home.

Besides the mamaks are very obedient towards the boss (also another mamak).
Looking back these mamaks have the qualities of Prophet Muhammad i.e, they are obedient and they serve good food at a good speed.  you got served within 5 - 10 minutes sharp.

Looking back , the malays are also good but many of them cannot take continous orders i.e., one after the after from the customers.  If you do not believe me, try and ask many things from the malay servants in the restaurants.  See how wide their eyes and face become after getting your 7th order although you are drinking just simple 'kopi tongkat ali " plus lempeng sardine.  I am sure you will hear these words
"cakap banyak pak chik tua nak mampus.. minum teh tapi mengorder macam macam ..benci aku!"

the translation is :  " hi say man ..this old man ..  see taking simple tea but his order never stop ..  I could have killed himmmm .."


The summary of this writing is:

(i)  malay parents must start teaching their girls how to cook well
(ii)  try and cook nasi lemak that can stand 25.5 hours in their restaurants
(iii)  try to be polite when doing business
(iv)  when doing business, the customers are your BOSS.  See the spelling ..  THE BOSS.

(v)  do solat dhuha and read Quraan daily.  Then barakah comes to our business.
(vi)  believe firmly that Rasulullah akhlak can help our business grow.  Insyallah.

Wallahu aklam.


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