Lawatan Kerja (2)

Posted by sazali


I went to EC JB, Malaysia yesterday.  Great school!  he..he..

Had a meeting with its principal .  Mr Shamsudin and his staff .
Other uthm staff came too from FPTV ( Dr Razali Hassan and Mr Saiful)  plus the big guns from Unit Pergendangan and Sukan uthm.  A bit relief i felt that they came ..  too.

My faculty takes care of excellent maths learning and teaching plus  ..  building and maintaining blog for that school.

Participants:  Form 1, 2 and 4 .. they are visiting the Web Technology and Multimedia labs soon after Syawal 2012.

Regarding ..teaching and learning weak , motivating maths learners at PMR and SPM in that school .. I do volunteer to help.  God Willing .  EC came 10th best in the world in 2009 in Olympiad Maths WORLD.

With that .. I wish UTHM and EC all the best ok?  jalinan mesra .. kerja bersama .. untuk agama, bangsa dan negara.

Wallahu aklam.



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