Bad habits

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One of the bad habits is waking up late in the morning.  If we were to refer to thick kitab from islamic teachings,  the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) always encourage us to wake up early everyday from young age to the last day of our life.

He said that '.. in the morning .. there are abundant of opportunities .. to find rezeki .. '

If you are a writer this early morning gives you the peace in finding ideas and putting them into good sentences for your book.

If you are a trader , the morning air gives you good health and plenty of positive spirit to start your business.

If you are a sportman, the morning air gives you plenty of oxygen .. to run marathon across the mountains, lakes and valleys. The morning air generates energy for your legs to run again and again down the path.  See the Kenyan Olympic runners.  No malaysians has ever competed olympic in marathon becuase many of us ..lead a complacent life of sleeping late and waking up late. Some take breakfast at 100 noon with their wonderful wives, brilliant children and their aging parents.  Very good.  he..he..  Keep it up!

But why is waking up early a big problem among my young students. The possible reasons are:

(i)  facebook interaction throughout  the  late nights
(ii)  social correspondence between their friends in solving 'problem', there are too many things to tell others about something
(iii)  internet, youtubes, watching CD, films etc
(iv) and of coure  it is their good habit to enrich the mamak business 25 hours daily and at the same time stopping many malay shopkeepers to stay in business preparing morning breakfast
(v) too much homework from the schools.  Some of their school bags weighabout 3 kilograms.  So many workbooks.

So what?
What are we going to do this with this disease tha befalls the youngsters ..those who are going to be the future leadersof this country?

We can kick that bad habits by :

(i)  try and trying harder to kick the habit by exposing ourselves with the consequences of waking up late - many accidents happen because the drivers are rushing to the work place; many accidents happen at home because the young mothers rush with boiling water etc etc.  Once you pour the hot boiling water on your small child ..then u will regret for waking up so late daily,
(ii)  change your course of direction.  Last time you were late , now you try to start early in the morning. Now you will feel the pain of waking up early , but soon it becomes normal and then you regret .. the lost opportunities that befall you once upon a time.
(iii)  keep doing the second step until you will feel the sweetness of doing the job early in the morning
(iv) tell the others about the benefits of waking up early in the morning
(v)  ask from Allah to keep you steadfast waking up early in the morning reciting surah Yaseen from the Holy Quraan.
(vi)  cakap banyak ..cakap tak serupa bikin among the motivators too.

Well .. i think we can do it, can't we?  Yes, let us start with waking up as early as possible and do our studies - maths, programming and Final Year Project at degree level .

Wallahu aklam.  p/s:  i remind myself actually.  So do you readers?


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