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Now dah dapat scholarship dah, tahniah!
now dah ada masters dah..  tahniah!!  yg menjadi problem is tempat pengajian PhD dan siapa suervisor kita di sana kelak?

This are my suggestions:

(1)  place -  England, Thailand, France, USA dan Japan -  make sure the placde u r going.. the language they are using is not causing u so much problem.  Else u got two things.  Learn the foreign language /  and learn how to communicate effectively ..not as a tourist but a PhD student.  It is a big difference being a PHD student who is going to study there for 3 - 4 years than someone called a tourist like me .. staying a mere 1 week in Phuket/  Bangkok/  Tokyo/  Paris

(2)  supervisor -  how good is he in your bidang?  let say ..ur bidang is BUTTERFLY ..  so how long has he being involved in BUTTERFLY.  Have u read his journals INDEX SCORPUS on butterflies etc. etc.  Then u have to ask ..  can u write anything near his type of writings/  can u follow  his research.  If can/  u can try contacting him else .. u must learn how to get near him/ her

(3)  age?  how old he is/  if he is 80 plus .. beware.  I got a friend .. 6 months before his PHD viva .. his supervisor passed away.  YEs.. mati!   so what happen?  payah lah kita di sana ..
so cari yg muda muda sedikit say 45 - 60 years age range.

(4)  his track records supervising phd students.  If 10 input and out put all pass 10 PhD ..that is very good.  Are they local / foreign students?  if mixture.. then that is a prmising news.  Else .. berjaga jagalah.  If input 10 , output 3 lulus PHD ..   ask urself .. can u be under him?  mesti ada sebab ..  mengapa 7 orang students tak berjaya itu.  Mungkin ada masalah bahasa BI.  tak tulis cukup jurnal berindex berwasit tinggi..berimpact tinggi.  In Japan to get PHD u must write 3 international journals.  Berwasit dan berimpak tinggi.  Tak tulis 3 /  tak ada PHD/  ..that is a simple story for today.  Nak tulis 1 journal ..bukan nya senang anak ku ..  fully refereed by so many professors about BUTTERFLY dan macam macam.  Itu asam garam dunia research.  Student 1st class pun ada yg baloh (tengkar) dgn supervisor nya .. pasal jurnal writings..  result  0 PHD!

(5)  how to fly in and out of that country if u got family back home

if it is England, i think there is no prblem.  Since u r a bonafide student  .. all expenses .. USM will foot the bill .. British Embassy will cause u no masalah ..  but if it Japan ..perhaps problem

tambang kapal terbang/  gi dan balik London to Kumpur .. se ingat saya .. tambang varies dari season to season/  if summer murah jer/  if winter mahal sedikit kerana mat salleh rama nak kuar dari London ke tempat tempat yg panas ..  macam Kelantan kito.

(6)  get 1 or 2 Phd thesis on your bidang.. the latest the better.

If u got one, ask yourself ..  can u write something like that after 2.5 years studying PhD in any place of the earth.

If u can't ... i think u must register with USM ..and get help ..  how to write thesis/  selalunya ada kursus intensif 3 - 5 hari how to write a thesis/  this is very important for u

When i started my PhD ..i got 3 successful PHD thesis ..satu dari Australia dan 2 dari UKM, Bangi.  From there, I plan my journey doing PHD ..  the thesis is the guide for you else u do not know hw much and how far u must do the research/  next writing ..i write about finding the gap of the research.

I think that is all for  today/ 


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