Bina research gap

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How to locate/ identify  a research gap?

Buat matrix table macam ini

Bilangan !    Nama Researcher !     Title Paper !    Findings so far  !   Advantages !  Comment

  1                     Sazali (2010)       Impact of m-m       Students            Three main findings     Ada
                        Malaysia              on learning maths     cannot think     
                                                                                     deep enough       (a), (b), (c)
                                                                                    maths using
                                                                                    computers & internet

  2                   Wan Fatimah (2006)     Learning geometry                          Two main findings    Ada
                                                                                                                                                   FORM 2
                                                                                                                                                dan Form 4
                                                                                                                                     Mereka tak focus macam students di peringkat SPM/ Matrikulasi lagi/ tak bersungguh sangat nak belajar ni.. malah
                                                        using V-Heile MOdel 
                                                                                  Students can
                                                                                 visualize better if
                                                                                 ada 3D object se masa
                                                                               belajar geometry

Buat benda ini sampai 30 nama researchers. PIck articles from jurnals say 2008 to 2012 period.  Soon you will see some pattern emerging from this matrix table.

Try.  1 research paper takes at least 2 weeks to understand.
Therefore 30 papers is 60 weeks.  This is already more than 1 year 1st year PhD work.

Then try and summarize from the above table some important points like .. got to create a courseware in BM only/  bahasa mesti mudah/  tahap ujian mesti rendah // baru motivate students to use the courseware since certificate engineering poly students not so highly competent in maths /
Buat paper to Scorpus/  if the journal asked youto send ur abstract .. then accepted ur abstract / it means u punya idea ada potensi bagus dan berpotensi 'research content and implication' 

Like that lah.

Try ..

Sekian. Wallauhuaklam  ( God knows best)

Good luck


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