We are all salesmen , aren't we?

Posted by sazali


How is everybody out there?

My title is simple but .. it is not easy to explain why I call my self and you .. we r just salesmen.

As a muslim, we talk a lot about our religion, life style and many more. If we project our simple life , that is a product that we are trying to promote to the whole world. We pray 5 times daily , prohibit ourselves from many evils and sins (zina, bribery, back bitings and many more ) ..aren't that .. we can call it as a product for the rest of the world to share? we are selling something there. Did you notice that?

Prophet Nooh (peace be upon HIM) .. also tried hard to 'sell' the religion of Islam as required by the Al Mighty Allah. He invited his people , son and wife but alas .. they disobeyed .. and Allah drowned them as well with Noah's people and Allah promised them HELL fire. A u zubillah hi minas syaiton ..rojeem. But can you imagined how Noah felt by looking at his beloved son and wife going / sinking with the BIG FLOOD in front of his own naked eyes. Can you measure his sorrow?

Facebook ..is also a product. Many people regardless of age ..are hooked with it for the rest of the days. We stop talking to our parents and many guests in our house. Why ? because we think facebook is our new 'GOD' for us. We stop eating together with our parents. All things we post them to the whole world to see. WE wake up to FB, we sleep with FB. Sometime ..in the toilet while attending to our private business .we are also FB. We married the first, the second time .. everything was recorded in FB. By doing so ..we are selling something. Our life! right?

So to cut things short, if u do not sell something today ..sooner today u are going to buy someone's product. He has successfully sold u his product. So he sold you something and ..we are basically .. all of us are salesmen.

The only difference is that ..he is more successful than us .in selling things .. as a result he is getting richer ..and we are collecting thrash .. yes trash. Debts?

I think thats all for today.


May God looks us with mercy


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