What are bad habits?

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What is a bad habit?  bad acts ..

a habit that came from a continous form of activities, behaviour and many more daily activities that were practiced from young age to the last day of one's life.  It remain unnoticed until someone got the guts to tell him/her that act is not good to keep forever. 

Some examples of bad habits in malaysian community for example.

(i)  smoking cigarettes, cigars, ganja
(ii)  not attending to your toilet after use
(iii)  not attending to your car maintenance
(iv)  eating alone in front of the TV, ASTRO while your family members are eating theirs too at the big table
(v)  not washing and grooming yourself well
(vi) don't care less with your personal hygiene
(vii) borrowing somebody's pens, pencils, notebooks etc everyday
(viii)  borrowing RM100 from others but .. paying late RM1 a month.  Mathematically, you willneed 100 months to pay up your debt. Very good.  Consequence:  you are killed by the 30th month by ah long
(ix)  bragging
(x) talking ill about others - jealousy
(xi)  spitting outside the windows
(xii) throwing rubbish from your car in Kuantan town
(xiii) .. so lazy writing one more please.  zzzzz
(xiv)  procrastinating ( buat esok apa yg patut kita buat hari ini)
(xv)  driving their buses, trucks, trelers, cars, motorbikes like  devils called iblis bin syaitan bin dajal bin al hantu k-pk lanjut
(xvi) coming to classes so late .. 
(xvii) famous for giving out 2002 type of excuses
(xviii) gossip monger/ slandering others/ pengumpat /  buat ketupat dalam bulan ramadhan

He..he.. you can write / add up if u like/  Please feel free.

I think that is all for today.  I want to mark my maths papers. plz don;t disturb ur teacher. Ohsss

wallah hu aklam.  ( god knows best)


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