Mengatasi sifat malu bertanya bila belajar

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Dulu saya berkawan dgn beberapa orang wanita muslimah Brunei yang tergolong dalam set {M | malunya teramatlah sangat } .  Dia orang  buat HND.  Cakap apa apa pun tak dengar suaranya.  Payah nak dengar suaranya.

satu hari computer programming salah seorang dari mereka /  kerja dia tak jalan seperti programming saya.  He..he.. so dia tanyalah saya ..

(what .. i can't hear you lah ..  come again plz?  )

dia hanya berada di sebelah saya sahaja dalam computer lab.  So jalan pantas baginya ialah dia menulis nota memo kat saya.

O gitu ..  nanti saya ajar kamu problem.

2)  saya panggil dia ke library .. ada meja besar di sana.  So saya bukak ..  kertas A4 ..beberapa helai ..

saya pun start melukis flowchart / pseudocode /  while she was looking very seriously .. at the drawings.  Saya mengajar dia macam ..seorang pensyarah ler.. di UK.  tak main main lah PR gini gini.  I spoke English all the way.

then i ask her to explain her codings.

Here she has to increase her volume/ suara  in explaining things to me/  I keep on saying I don't understand so that ..  i said I don't understand her 20 times for a matter of 4 Pascal coding lines.  She looked sweating ..  she took thin tissues to pad her face// i continue saying i couldn't follow her codings then .. she saw her mistake ..  an unending loop.  The condition will never be true/ achievable.  See by listening to some one else problems ... she manage to smile again.  she thinks she can solve her programming problem now.

Let say i > 5;  this means 6,7, 8, ... , infinity.  You cannot programming anything with that stupid condition.
while the question was just asking to process   from 1 to 5 only.  A limited steps of 5.
so i edit her coding  ...  for i =1 to i < = 5 then   do {  the followings  }

the error was she put i > 5

I said aloya .. it will go to the heaven that.  It was a problem with array of 3 dimensional   i,j,k assignment given by Steve ( a programming lecturer in Year 2 BSC degree Operations Research Leeds).

******** the main thing is to get rid of malu ..
try and ask a foreigner to explain something to you.  then you explain something to him/her.

by doing so .. u break your brain putting your ideas through ...

the point i am making is ..  discuss with someone that you are not acquainted with.
talk to a chinese boy/  indian gentleman/  sikh man /  like that .gradually ur malu will go away once, twice and for all.  More over , what is 'malu' for?  If u malu , u sesat jalan bukan?  just ask .. yes ask for help. In computing world, it changes so fast.  So better jangan malu malu sangat plz. Li llah hi taala.

If u only mix with Kelantanese pondok agama girls ... then ur malu will be there with you for ever.  may be..  he..he..  Just like that condition for i > 5


Wallahu aklam


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