good morning everybody

Posted by sazali

N good morning. He he

did you have a good sleep,, young man?

Alhamdulilah. Great isn't it?
We slept better if our wive and 2 kids were sleeping well too. They got no worries , u see?

The dad has a steady job. Teaching, i mean.
The mum is a big manager . Well she is big in many ways. Her arms are big. Her hips and thighs are big too. See? She is a big gurl, alright. Her job mainly centrals around the kitchen, bath room and their lounge. That's all. Food? No problem really. She is also a good cook. Well she can make capati, tandoori, shek kebab n many more. Actually she learns all these pakistan food from leeds and birmingham from the families of her husband's good friends.

Even though, she cooks well she can't eat well nowadays. Why? High cholesterol the doctor said. Pity her really.

He he he. What a small misery? But never mind sweet darling. I think she can go from size xxxl to m quickly if she lets her husband marries another one. But .. She said ' ..let her jump over my dead body , first'. He he. In short, she loves her size to be just xxxl. What to do?

Never mind. Don't get her wrong. She just loves her body n whatever comes in. We sort that out easily. He he. We fight sometimes but never we get ourselves out of hand. We practise 'don't worry, b happy'.

Try that my dear readers

. The world will look much better each day.
Try will you?
Wa llahuaklam.


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