In this country we are

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.. famous for conducting so many kinds of courses including religious and motivation.  I do not know why.

The reasons could be:

(i) we are not religious any more
(ii)  we are not motivated enough doing our jobs since we are working in the government sector for all these years.  There is a term called 'dead wood'

(iii) may be many staff have forgotten their main duties i.e., if u r employed as a teacher , then you must teach and make sure you mark the students' homework and assignments on time
(iv)  there are too much time available per day for example Fridays.  I fail to see the logic why we have 'tazkirah' on friday morning when almost all muslim males have gone to the mosque for 'tahlil, yaseenan, and eating  nasi ambang ' in Johor 10 hours earlier -  friday night.  More over at 1200 noon , we are going again to the mosque for Friday prayers.  I think it is better for us to be left alone doing  our business like the immigration officers should attend to their customers, the policemen guarding the high streets, the soldiers controlling the borders in Thailand and Indonesia from unwanted workers and the teachers do some reading on their students' essays  etc etc. Improve their english and strategize effective methods to create more results.

There are proofs to the above things as we could see:

(i) many sorts of bribery, corruption among top politicians in this country
(ii)  some road signs created little impact.  Some trees that have big leaves do block some important road signs/ directions.  Easy if you go and see foor yourselves road signs in Shah Alam and Petaling Jaya. Due to this short comings, many accidents occur .. well we could not blame any body becuase some body is too absorbed listening to  hadiths muslims and bukhari
(iii)  many parents and students blamed that their teachers failed to enter the classes for days especially in January to March .. becuase they are busy with sport meetings, exam meetings, MUET meetings, and many more. As a result many work books are not marked as properly as they should  and
(iv)  if a foreigner comes to our country for the first time, s/he will think Friday is  party time @ picnic time.  Many employees are wearing multi colored  baju melayu, samping, eating, drinking, talking, discussing ..  and they are quite far from their working tables and offices. Oh mind you, Saturday and Sunday are also cuti here. See?

I am not aware of similar happenings in our neighbouring countries like Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

That is all for today.  The weather is getting darker on this Saturday morning in Johor 14 April 2012.  I feel like sleeping again since everything looks so quiet outside.  Good if tazkirah and many more are conducted during the weekends.  At least we can meet better.

Wallahu aklam.  Allah knows best and please forgive me my ROBB.  Sometime I write , and it causes some uneasy feeling .. but what can I do.  I do my duty , right?


  1. #A.S.G# said...

    "we are not motivated enough doing our jobs since we are working in the government sector for all these years. There is a term called 'date wood'". I agree with the above statement. Sometimes, we are not motivated enough because we used to work in a "comfort zone" because there's no competition. Unlike private sector employees, we don't have to worry about economic recession because our position is secured. Take my department as an example. I work at Malaysia Department of Insolvency (MdI). This department handles individual bankruptcy and company's winding up (corporate insolvency) cases. When the economy starts to collapse, many workers could lose their job. However, MdI on the other hand becomes busier and there are so many things to do. Nobody would be fired to save cost and the organisation is still there.

  2. sazali said...

    Kita kena blajar hargai nikmat yg Allah berikan ini. Dari seramai-ramai orang yg layak bekerja, Allah telah pilih kita. Oleh yang demikian, jom kita buat segala yg kita telah janjikan dengan pihak majikan/ kerajaan untuk taat dan setia sepanjang masa. Menunaikan janji dari umur 25 (lepas UITM) hingga ke saat diistiharkan mati ..semua adalah ibadat dan wajib kita tunaikan .. Insyallah. Janji Allah tetap benar sepanjang masa. Ameen.

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