Isu pengajian dalam B.I di universiti tempatan

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last week I jogged with a senior prof. He mentioned about the problem our students are facing with ..

(i) engineering studies in English.
(ii) computer science in English
(iii) professional courses in English

But if it is in B-M , they are doing fine. So what is the main issue?

** Now Malaysia imports foreign students in degree, masters and PhD programmes. But in this writing ..let me focus only on the under graduate studies.

The issues are:

(i) just because there are few arab and nigerian students .. the lecturers are teaching maths, engineering, finance and accounting in english.
The profesor said '..we are killing our own students by having english in the classes .. in short .. beruk di hutan kita susukan ..anak sendiri terperangkap hidup hidup di hadapan mata kita ..". Betul ka ni prof?

Last week I asked my student a simple question about maths.

The question is what is the difference between thinking, reasoning and problem solving?

The answers I got

"..thinking process .think how to solve the problem ..
reasoning .. give a reason from what u think; and problem solving - the last process after thinking and reasoning ..try solve the problem using idea and reason that we have think'

other answers

'..reasoning is to find the cause and effect about something , while problem solving is the action taken from thinking and reasoning because thinking + reasoning = problem solving'.

other answers

'.. problem solving ,, is the combination of thinking and reasoing process by find the solution to solve the problems. examples reduce electricity by use low watt'.

my comment: I had given them 2 pages of essay from Edward de Bono .. about these things .. and I conclude

they did not read hard enough.

It seems they can understand .. english ..but the way they answered things from a test in english .. is not very impressive.

So what should I do?

I am not an english teacher/ lecturer/ I am just a simple maths lecturer who was asked to teach maths in english because there is 1 yamanese student in my class.

TQ. what has happened really? u know , i also know
Wallahu aklam.


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