Can we take in any kind of failure?

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Children and adults like to play many types of games. One of them is football. It has 11 players.

In order to be a competent player , we must play all kinds of games with many teams from many states and countries.

Of course in football , there are times we won many games and we lost some. Tragicallly we lost the important one. FA finals. That is what life is.

If we can celebrate success at the highest level .. in the stadium let us say ..then we can also swallow many painful moments in our life.

How? we must take the fact that we are just not good today. The other team played well better than us.

we ask ourselves what went wrong just now? examples.. we are not focus during the last 20 minutes of the game. That was why the opposition team scored 2 goals ; our strikers are too goal shy by kicking the ball too softly and mostly out of target and finally we played less as a team. So we lost! as simple as that. Right? this is called self reflection.

now we must promise to ourselves and work harder to overcome that short comings.

By doing so , we are sure to be a much better team next time round.

2) In the real life, such as working in a school, polytechnic or university .. we are prone to many kinds of comments from the students and the Dean. Just listen and take few important steps to change. From there, we can be a better teacher and lecturer. Am I right? he..he..

Just an example, I was heavily criticised with my first book. The way they put the letter of rejection is very bad .. but we have to take it slowly. Then we can improve and work and live much better. Think positive. God willing!

TQ. Good Luck/
p/s:a strong man is somebody who can smile confidently to the whole world and walk out as if nothing has ever happened when an hour ago he just failed in his PhD viva. Can you be like him?
Walllah hu aklam.


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