Be grateful to the government today

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As teachers we must lead our life from a good sets of values like .. good talking, good socializing and of course the main topic of my writing is .. be grateful to our Malaysian government too.


The reasons are as follows:

(i) there is a lot of safety and harmony in this country even though we have 3 big races called malays, chinese and indians.  So .. what more you want boy?

(ii)  there are schools every where.  If you are a teacher have a strong chance to teach directly in front of your own house.

(iii) why did you hate the police and armed forces?  Don't they they care of you safety ..the minute you exit from your home to work each day.  Rain or shine.  So what more you want young man?

(iv)  you got scholarships if u scored 10 A PLUS , 11 A PLUS, 12 A PLUS .. and many more pluses.  Provide you performed in the interview.  If you talk good things in your life ..  every day .. the chance is taht u r going to talk so nice in the interview.  So you got the schoalarship ..young man.  What more you want?

(v)  our national team played soccer against Indonesia.   All rakyat is behind our team.  The malays supported the chinese players and the chinese men in town ..  celebrated our team when a malay kelantanese boy scored the winner.  The whole country erupted with success/  so happy ... ma/  so is that not ok ..young man?

(vi)  if some one kicked your son ..u can report to the police/  the police came and help you even though the police are mostly  malays ..and you are an indian man.  So good isn't it?Many malays wanted to help an indian man with his son ..

(vii)  many chinese are maths and science teachers once upon a time/  they sacrifiiced their life ..and comfort to make many melayu boys and girls so good in their studies.  So after the completion of our study ..must we not be grateful to our so called teachers.  Yes ..u r right ..they did not go to the mosques ..  but they were your teachers.  Should you not be grateful my friend?

(viii) In England .. they don't give so much freedom to indians and pakistanis ..  who had immigrated to UK in the early 1940's .. but  they did not provide any Pakistani radio station and INdian radio station for the asian population

but in Malaysia  .. we have a channel for our Chinese and Indian people. Is that not good you?


Common my friend .. where can you get a better country than Malaysia on this earth/

the government subsidies so many things ..petrol and medicine for our families.  if you throw a jambu seed out the window, soon you get a jambu tree .. next to your house.  So fertile/  and don't be surprise one day .. there is petrol under your house ..u know?  we can get petrol if our country is always safe from wars and calamities.

they (ministers in the parliment)  made some mistakes ..  well they r human you know?  ..
forgive them ..

if you support ..  the opposition ..  thats good but our country's laws and harmony should not be jeopardize .. at all cost/  Hidup Malaysia!

(ix)  i met few malaysians in Canada and USA .. they are professionals doctors , architects and many more .. they decided to forego the citizenship of malaysia ..   after they talked ill about our ministers .. soon at the end .. they will conclude their statements .. well i miss Malaysia a lot.  the people there live so nice/  harmony?  he..he.. see?  you can hate our Malaysia .. but the extreme level of hatred to our country is of course the absolute love to its Rukun Negara.  Malaysia is always in my heart.  I was once an 'ambasaddor ' to UK .. and I think i had acted well as a rakyat of Malaysia.  TQ Malaysia

Wallah hu aklam.



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