Good morning Malaysia

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Good Morning everybody.  Good Morning Malaysia.

See .. Malaysia is still a peaceful country.  We slept well through out the night.  In other countries, some of their citizens could not sleep peacefully because they are at war not with other countries but with their own people.

Being able to sleep peacefully with your families in the blessing of Allah.  Without that there is nothing to celebrate ..  imagine you are a millionaire with your sheep trading.  Yesterday you got 200,000 sheep but today may be your sheep population might have perished because of the civil war that never end.

Malaysia is unique.  Even though we have three big races .. we can work together because we have less temperament than other people like the arabs.  Why?  Because of our education system which provide many opportunities for social interaction between different races at many occasions.

In 1970's our most successful football team comprised of the famous trio Soh Chin Aun ( a chinese), M Chandran ( an Indian) and Mokhtar Dahari (a Malay).  From this so called team , Malaysia was respected all over the world when we played in the Olympics in Germany.  Of course we did not get a gold medal but ..the world had witnessed the success of this country in blending its people through education, sports and social events.

At present in my university, we are starting to have many foreign students studying many levels of programs - be it at undergraduate and also post graduate.  I think we can share our knowledge with them because we are a peaceful country.

In politics, we have  the present government and also because of the virtue of democracy ..we have the opposition parties.  They argued a lot at the parliament and also in other avenues like social mass media etc etc .. but at the end .. we are still living peacefully .. Alhamdulilah.

We must give credit to the police and the armed forces for that peace and harmony.  No money can buy this.  See the arab world.  They have 3 kinds of pipes in their houses - hot water, cold water and petroleum ..but alas ..  the world can see ..  without peace and harmony .. those 3 pipes did not promise them anything at all.  Even at Eid (after 30 days ramadhan) some of them got killed by their own people .. because of small / big differences in political views etc etc.  They failed to live together.  Pity them!

With that ..let us keep our Malaysia as a peaceful harmonious country for our next generation to prosper.Shall we?

May God help us.  Ameen.    


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