Got no road like this

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Some people plan  their successes in many stages of their lives be it in business or studies.
Why planning is an issue here?

The reasons are very simple .. say:

(i)  so that the business grow and grow

(ii)  so that we secure good grades in our studies thus enabling us to proceed towards higher studies like MSc and Ph.D


I am reading a book about 6 secrets of start up success by Bradberry J. - How to turn your entrepreneurial passion into a thriving business.

In page 106 , he wrote:

we plan so that we can develop our product,
we will get consistent revenue, thinking about breakeven / growth .

I think he has a very good idea.  Great.


but for me .. we plan because we do not want to commit high risk that will burn our fingers.  He..he..

In the university, if we think of doing post graduate the steps could be:

- try to get a good string of 4.00 flat in certain core subjects like mathematics and statistics
- try to improve the way you speak; make it sound a bit intelligent with many points and cons
- try to improve your overall image like soft skills and grooming
- lastly , just pray to the God (Allah)

- else ....  in Kelantan , the people will say '... just got no road like that lahhh .. '  why? you will meet the dead end // tak mungkin berlaku

* today i got my old friend again on the internet thro' skilled people link. She is from Australia.  The first year .. i started my PhD work .. she sent me her full thesis plus all the corrected bits of her thesis and viva.  Her attitude was very impressive and professional.  Here my assistant dean did not show me her thesis from United KIingdom  ..even though  we were working next door to each other for 2 - 3 years.  See the difference between a foreign and a local scholar?  we were too afraid to share a bit of our mastery  ..the anxiety was some body might steal our idea and get richer by 100 factor plus than us.  

I used her thesis as my guide through and through  ..towards the completion of my Ph.D work.  What i am trying to drive at we must plan to know people outside our country once in a while ..

by doing so ..we begin to see many more interesting things as a scholar.

Why not you?

you can try change/  no body can change except yourselves.  Decide now?

With that ..  I would like to  wish you a happy week end / semester break.
Else ..u can build many plans ..  but without u changing a bit here and there .. may be u can used //  got no road like this , right?  He..he..  he..

Change is nice/

Wallahu aklam.

Bradberyy J.(2011) .  6 secrets to startup sucess.  How to turn your entrepreneurial passion into a thriving business.  New York:  AMACOM


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