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We all love our country right?
Why?  Malaysia is the place where we were born.  Our ancestors were all here once from Hang Lekiu, Hang Kasturi, Hang Jebat , Hang Tuah and Hang Lekir.  Too much history in this beautiful country .. make us decide that this is a place called heaven to us Malaysians.  In South East Asia this is the country with abundance of natural resources like tin, rubber, petroleum, silver, gold, ..  and many more plus it enjoys a hot equatorial type of climate.  With that, many people wanted to come and live here.  Luckily some of them managed to marry our girls and with some 'good budi'  from the government they got their IC /  identity cards thus enabling them to buy properties and cast their own votes in tis coming General Election GE 2013.

Read the followings please:

A simple prediction based on pattern of events towards General Election 13  2013 Malaysia
This GE 2013 will be decided based on the younger section of the population in Malaysia.  They are mostly first time voters who had just finished studying in the tertiary institutions etc etc.
I think if the government can win the hearts of  this  younger generation 21 – 45 year group, they can win the election.

What are they?
1.       Jobs – if more than 80% graduates got their job within 1 year after convocation, they will get a strong support from this section of population
2.       Controlling their living costs including fashion and communication styles and the  daily food
3.       Peace and harmony in the country by deployment of the police and the armed forces.
But don’t worry

The opposition party can also win the election if they can prove clearly that :
1.       There is a tailored made conspiracy between Mahathir, Razak Tun Razak and Anwar Ibrahim in Liwat stories
2.       Inflation is on the rise where wage increase in 2012 is far less than the present escalating food cost and other living costs like transport
3.       The Government played a strong factor in the current events in Sabah ( Project IC) and Serawak’s Chief Minister Taib Mahmud
The opposition must get the most needed help from Allah now in order to win this election because once this GE 2013  is over, I do not see how my beloveds DSAI and TGNA can pull more influence towards their march in taking over PUTRAJAYA.  Why?  Age has caught them up, I suppose.  God Willing.

How can Allah help?
Many ways.  HE can do anything without the help of the rakyat and the rakyat can not do anything without the help of Allah.  How?  GOD can  send calamities upon calamities at anytime like the proving of corruption on the parts of the ruling government parties and the ‘blown up ‘ case of  Antantuya Mongolian middle woman negotiator in buying the Scorpene submarines from Russia for the armed forces in year 2000.  The death of Bala came as a very strong turning point towards creating the most epic story of Malaysian political scenario once and  for all.  Why?  Allah can change the heart of the youngsters at any time.  What I am trying to say is :  now it seems that the ruling government is trying to stress that the youngsters are mostly strong supporters of  the ruling party in blues and by tomorrow , the picture could turn all green in a  blink of a second.  He..he..  why?  I do not know every thing ..  you know?
Me?  My  supporting the present government is  today. How about you dear? [ anda bagaimana?]  I think there are some marginal supporters of the present government today i.e.,  We just take what is given including our children’s voucher buku RM250; BR1M RM500 for the elderly widows and RM250 for handicapped man. (laugh).
Wallahu aklam 


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