Writing up PhD report 5

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In this blog, we can write.  We can practice writing many points concerning our research.

Don't wait until we are completely happy with certain kind of data in order to start writing the first page of our Chapter 3 Methodology or Chapter 4 Result.

By delaying writing .. we face few points such as:

1)   we might forget .. the results a,b, c, c1,c2,c3, d1, d2.  The what and the why/ how/ where/ when etc etc.

2)  our writing tend to miss some important and significant findings ..  even though it is so small

3)  we lack confidence in expressing our views

4)  we keep on delaying ..finding any Literature Review ..  to support our results so far ..

As such ..  our writing suffers to such an extent that the supervisor and examiners will conclude with the following remarks:

a)  this report has low  academic  value

b)  the argument lacks support and
c) didn't address  issue(s) convincingly

d)  i hate to say ... i cannot pass this thesis at PhD levels ..  unless the candidate do the following over haul regarding the depth and breadth of his work and ..

see?  more trouble by not writing ..

So ..  as such .. i would like to encourage you ..to keep on writing ..a bit a day ..

by writing things in  a humble blog like this

gradually ..  god will guide you towards more mastery in

many important points ..like addressing the research gap.  Has your writings ..  address the gap yet?

With that ..good luck my boy and friends out there.  u can do it .

Rasulullah s.a.w. ada bersabda maksudnya,

“Sesiapa yang mahukan kejayaan di dunia, mestilah dengan ilmu (agama + Ph.D?), jika dia mahu kejayaan di akhirat juga mestilah dengan ilmu, dan jika mahu kedua-duanya sekali mestilah dengan ilmu.”

Wallah hu aklam.

Dr S (uthm, malaysia).


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