Error Analysis Pra SPM 1

Posted by sazali


Some students committed silly errors like

1 + 'x'  = 2x


x(1 - x)  =  x - 2x = 3x

2)  There are many reasons to these.  May be:

there is a big bridge between number work and algebra at schools which the teachers assume to be so foundation but it remained untouched from 1 level to the other.

many teachers are rushing with their syllabus.  They started so well in simple mathematics , mundane type of tasks ..and they plan to do more serious work of algebra later at  the end of the academic year.  That planning did not work because the teachers are suddenly forced to be 'typist' to record annual assessment marks by their students for central adiministration at the ministry level.

In short, they are cheating themselves with postponing simple jobs to the last months of the year.

Another error is

see this            1  =  5

then      x = 1

It is really killing!

but when  you posed them  this          1  +   'x'  = 5

then they got       'x'  =  4  +  ( 4 )


which is a correct answer!


That's it for today.

Wallahu aklam


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