Kalau result tak secemerlang mana pun

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Semua pelajar yg telah menduduki peperiksaan SPM 2012 akan menerima keputusan peperiksaan tersebut mulai Khamis 21 March 2012 ini.  Insyallah.

Saya mengunakan istilah "insyallah" kerana 2 sebab:
(i)  kita tak tahu .. apa yg akan berlaku kot kpd setiap insan mulai esok , lusa hinggalah ke Khamis terdekat ini
kalau kita mati, maka ...secara matematik, kita tak akan menerima keputusan peperiksaan tersebut.  Betul tak?  org org tua kita jer ..yg akan menerima result tersebut bg pihak kita.  kasihan.

(ii)  sekarang ..hujan datang tak kira masa.  Musim sepatutnya kemarau ..  tapi Tuhan maha kaya / perkasa / dia boleh turunkan hujan ..sebegitu lebat hinggakan semua negeri boleh dilanda banjir.  Maka kerajaan akan mengistiharkan 'darurat'.  Bila ini berlaku ./...  mana ada result daa.............  (he..he..)

Sebab itu kita muslim,. mukmin menggunakan istilah insyallah/ god willing.  Ok?

O yes .. let us go to the main topic.  Students getting public exam results can be classified into 3 groups:  high flyers, middle gainers and lastly the most interesting one the low achievers.  I am dedicating this writing to the last group.  Many parties are so interested to make money from this last group.  example private nursing institute ..   they take someone from this last group to be trained as nurses, assistant nurses etc etc.    The rest .. ask the minister plz.  He..he..

If ur results is not so good like 1A, 2B, 1C, 4D, 2E where 1A is arts and craft (by drawing dried salty fish etc etc) , B's in history, islamic studies, C in economics, and the D's in the core subjects like maths, sciences and english.  E's ..   don't know.  Ask him please when we r  assuming the details to be  true.

so we can say ..our results are not so good as compared to those from the rural areas like Pahi, Kelantan and Pagoh, Johor  .  Itu macam ma?

So what are we as parents suppose to do?  Are we going to bomb them?  That is stupid right?  Be strong boy.  Many millionaires .. did not get straight A's ..  at your age/  now few ministers will also be talking so much about this and that including getting high grades in  SPM/ MCE .. try and ask your parents  to show their results plz 30-40 years ago?  can they?

then can they talk big like that?

Let's go again ..to the main topic.

Where to go now?

(i)  the answer can be ..  depending what our children wanted to do the next 5 years on the road.  By that time, they are already 23- 25  years old.  Very handsome and macho ..hopefully?

Why not try doing a diploma course in  a polytechnic  creative multimedia, animation  /  in the college community  they offer certificate in business, hospitality etc etc .  College Community is also a very good alternative for you my boy.  All under MOHE ministry of higher education / KPTM ( very good )

or just enrol in Lim Kok Wing.  they have a long list of professional courses ranging from creative multimedia, journalism,  to software engineering.  But how is your MUET doing if post STPM this week also?  band 3 or 4?

but this Lim's institution cost a lot of money you know?

if your parents are just hawkers in a place where probability of a customer coming is less than 50% and the chance they decided to buy is again 50% ..then the hawkers will get 25% probability the client will really buy something from his 'trolley'  ..  then my sincere advise .. better not/  pity them ma.  The Lim's place take RM5000 I think a semester.  Expensive?  Altogether , a course at diploma/ certificate level will take RM10,000 a year.  Expensive right?  or LIM Kok Wing has many foreign students.  Can s/he handle that when his english is not that good all these while.

so next step is ...  fill up the polytechnic's enrolment form . it costs you only rm200 per semester .. that's what i learnt.  So cheap right?  4 months course in polytechnic takes RM200 per semester.  there are 6 semesters for diploma course and 4 semesters for certificate courses.  Where can you get things like that in this challenging world?  TQ Prime Minister YB Dato' Seri Mohd Najib.  Salute him .. u must?

What?  no standard u say?  common boy.. no standard that polytechnic.. please do some mapping at your result  please.  Will Harvard University take you in ..for a course called film animation in the first place?   he..he..  you can be an artist at Lat's Akademi. try google ..who knows u can be Lat's student after all/  he is so famous now after Kampung Boy.  Alhamdulilah.

So in conclusion .. try to make your parents happy plz with that sort of results please.  Just say ..i want to join the armed forces for a start.  remember Lahad Datu ..?  OMG you want to be there boy?  brave_u!

or perhaps ..  ask your parents to buy you  a taxi.  try driving that taxi for 6 months in Kuala Lumpur.  i think u will know it is not easy to be like ronaldo (portugal) after all.  Ronaldo represents rich footballer at the age of 23 years old. You ?  still ok.. driving a taxi then.

or the next best thing is join lower six.  no shame what?

try and hold that thick chemistry books ..at preuniversity and see yourself in the mirror.  do you look like Salleem gannu kito '  ..gi ke laut weh'.  if you do ..  enrol in ILP institut latihan perindustrian,  Kolej Tinggi Kemahiran Mara, IKM, IKBN, Adtec,  etc etc for practical  courses like electronic, electrical , mechanical etc etc.  Perhaps they have some interesting courses that suit you quite well.

till then .. congratulations  for that simple type of result.  Well done YOU.
Learn to smile at your dad ..  he has done so much for you ...
Respect him all the way ............. boy. Congratulations 1A 2B 1Cs  4Ds. 2Es?  As a dad, i will count my son's strong point that is 1A, 2Bs and 1Cs.  That is education!  the rest is just history.  At least your son ..come home safe and sound.  Congratulate him .. plz.  Look at his strong points.  That is how we maintain a good family life.  He.he.. u see my point?

Wallahu aklam

(God knows best .. what is in store for us all ...)


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