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Posted by sazali


I am grateful to the God for giving me a job as a teacher in Malaysia.

I am now teaching stats in UTHM.

Following are the ways I teach daily:

a)  plan my teaching 24 hours in advance
b)  where to link the old notes with the new ones
c)  should I bring any Statistical Distribution table(s) today?
d)  bring a bottle of mineral water .. i easily go thirsty when I talk and explain things to my students
e)  the objective is to enjoy your teaching

Many students can know in advance .. whether you are enjoying teaching the subject.
How?  they can see for themselves .. easily.  He..he..

So the next question is how to be a happy teacher?

I think I can share with you three important tips.

Firstly , get a PhD.
Secondly, do research , publish your work and present them in international conferences.
Thirdly, write a book for the sake of sharing your up to date knowledge.

With that .. I better leave you with ..

Good night guys!
Sleep tight , will you?  me?  i dream about stats formulae ..  proving them is the pinnacle of excitement as a teacher.

Wallah hu aklam ( God knows best)


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