Writing up PhD report 6

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Once you decided to  write  your thesis ..

don't hesitate to try and send 1, 2 chapters to your SV for a  start.  BUt there is nothing wrong to let your friends to read and comment about your work as you go along.   It is very wise .. to let your friends to read first before you meet your supervisor since 'english' is not our mother tongue.  No matter how good we are , .  there is always something to learn from your SV directly / indirectly about the correct manner of writing and submitting our thesis.

2)  By doing so ...every body is concerned that you are finishing up .. by 6 months or 1 year from now.

3)  Don' expect ur SV to return the chapters as soon as possible since s/he will be engaged in many kinds of work - academically and ..attending may kinds of meetings, seminars, conferences , datelines etc etc.

4)  If she returns your work .. look at the comments positively.

Perhaps you have to do some more editing, modifications etc etc.

It is another work ..but don't worry ..keep on writing.

From my experience , I edit my chapters in thesis .. 30 times altogether patiently.  Many of my friends .. made fun of me .. directly/ indirectly .. but to me ..it is ok ..as long as the SV didn't say .. IT IS ALL BLOODY RUBBISH.

Writing up is a serious business. You cannot write ..  the thesis like writing an e-mail to your friends, neighbours.  You must be serious at all times.  Cut down all the fancy word like

".. it nevers ends .  "  --->       I cannot conclude yet.

" ..  by the way .."  ---- >   However,

" I tried million times to repeat the process " ---->  I used Method XYZ.  ( be specific)

"..  finally the dark clouds disappear after the 5th month .."  --->  The findings are :

5)  I think that's all for today.

Good Luck.

Walalhu aklam. ( God knows best).

Dr S.  (UTHM)


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