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Syukur kita berjumpa lagi.  Dah dua hari kita rakyat Malaysia didedahkan dengan berita heboh "anak org itu berjaya sakan ..  dan sakan ..". Tahniah adik adik semua.

Today I would like to write something on middle achievers.  This is a group of candidates who scored around 60 - 79 in many subjects through out their schooling lives.  Don't worry dear.  Just carry on.

2)  This group of achievers will do all the SPM papers and after the end ,..they will pray to get 11+ and 9+ as what the high acievers do in their nafil solat.  Welll..  we can dream of getting all those 11+ and our ustz/ustazah also are encouraging us to dream that too throughout our lives but ..  the real fact is

we are just middle achievers.  We sometimes perform brilliantly  and sometimes we don't.  At times, we just scrap through the trial exams (1,2 and 3).

So when the real result came out ..  we just got 9A + and 2Bs/  8A+ 1B/  7A+ 1B 1C / 6A+ 1B 2 C

so that's it mate!

we are in fact an ordinary middle achivers.  Of course you can cry from that day to .. many more days since you do not have to pay for that tears ... it is free of charge.  Some of us cry like dogs (real crying) and some of us cry silently.  But the truth is you are crying.  Well you decided not to see any body for so many days .. including your dad and mum.  You just hate the truth thatyour results is just 9A and 2Bs.  (laugh).  As a dad, i let this action to go on ..  just see how long my kids can stand crying and isolating themselves in that small room.  (laugh).

But .. no matter how many gallons of tears you put up with .. the real fact  is u r just a middle achievers.  Believe me!

3)  That is just SPM baby.  Not the real life yet.  Common wake up ..and see for yourself.. in Malaysia we have Boon Siew (Honda) ..i heard he couldn't sign his name ..but he was called the most richest man in Malaysia.. next come Tan Sri Azman.   CIMB big boss ..   he did not score 11+ in SPM ..but yet he is one of the richest malays in Malaysia.  So does Sheikh Bukhari so and so .. they did not even get 9 A+ ... yet they are somebody here .. and the most brilliant story is i got a friend who cannot solve a simple pathagoras theorem but yet he is the husband of a very very rich lady.  He is just a driver.  So what?

As a driver to a rich lady ... there must be something in him ..that only God's knows what that make her decide that is the man for her life today and 'forever'.  He..he..   See you don't have to get the maximum A's in any exam ..to live well and happy ever after.  Of course as teachers, they got their job in pumping you the theory that .... maximum A's is the maximum success in our lives.  But that is not true.  at all times/

In Japan many high achievers jumped to their death .. bunuh diri ..because they are too obsessed in straight A's. In Malaysia,  big number of  straight A's students can not even produce a simple 'screw' for a fan from Japan.  We just import so many things in our daily use.   SEe?

In Kajang ..there is a successful satay man ..  he has so many outlets ..sate .. and yet .. he did not score A+ in additional maths and physics..  ..yet he produced a brilliant and nice good satey ..that the Prime Minister of Malaysia must be proud off.  You just see (appointment please)  Dato' Seri Mohd Najib .. just ask for his MCE/ SPM certificate .. just check ..did he get A+ in Biology/  Chemistry?  Yet he is the Prime Minister of Malaysia.  He has Datin Seri Rosmah Mansur .. common ask her ..how many A+ did she score in her MCE/SPM/ STP/ HSC.

I am quite sure .. not many of us scored all A's in all exams. Come rain or shine.

But we are happy in our life. Aren't we?
We cannot get everything we want in this life.  examples: A partner is white .. and they dream of getting a white baby .  But puuupppp.. we got a dark skin boy.  So ..  the truth and nothing more than truth is ..  Allah is the one that gives us anything ..  we can just ask , wish , pray and work for it.  But there we go ..  it is dark skin baby!

Some guys wanted to marry the most beautiful girls on this earth .. but .. sooner in their lives .. they get just an ordinary Aminah and Fatima only.  So where is Farrah Fawcett and Marlyn Monroe?  no ..you just got Aminah and Fatima.  Accept it boy!  he..he..  only fatima and aminah for a short malay man (we just cannot measure up with the Americans)... why? we are malays. (laugh).


so the moral of the story is

we can work hard , pray hard and we must wiling to accept the fact that we are just a middle achievers after all.  Nothing more and nothing less. Just smile baby!

the world is so much to offer .. go out and see the  world .. it is so much bigger than 11+ , 9+ in SPM.
skim penipuan manusia =  all A's hidup kita pasti bahagia. PERGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! (mana ada ma)

wallahu aklam.

All the best dear.



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