Dont panic

Posted by sazali


Some people very panic type.

Eating with her in laws for the first time panic.
Meeting f2f with her future husband also panic.

Standing at the ATM also panic.
Answering calls from outsiders also panic.

In fact out of 10 trials almost all, she showed her panic state of mind.

What should we do to help her?

Pity her very much.
in spite of her 2 degrees, she showed very little confidence handling things from outside areas.

The reasons are three mainly

1.  Lack of exposure to opposite gender.
2.  Too rigid an upbringing
3.  Lack of soft skills which can be built from societies at school and colleges.


To solve that, as a parent

1. I always ask my kids to buy stamps and post my letters
2.  In the kenduri wedding ceremonies , i like to join another family who is busy eating
3.  When her mum cooks well, i send my daughter to sends some cooking to our next door neighbour

4. At the Petronas station, i will ask my girl to pump the oil into the car.

In this way, we can assess how much she can fit into the society...

I think  that is all for today.



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